Wine by Pride

This year, we have prepared an interesting novelty for you – a limited Pride edition of wines in cooperation with the Moravian winery Mühlberger, which has produced a total of three types of wine for us, which you will be able to taste in Pride Village on Střelecký ostrov, but also in Pride Park on Letná. In addition, at the merch stand you will be able to buy a set of all three wines with a beautiful rainbow label. What wines will there be to choose from?

Chardonnay – dry – late harvest – 2022

The wine is sparkling clear, a delicate pale yellow. The aroma is predominantly garden fruit, with notes of buttery pear. The palate is medium-bodied and intense thanks to the more intense acidity and higher

The aftertaste is fruity overall.

Pinot Gris – semi-dry – late harvest 2022

The colour of the wine is yellow with slight bronze highlights. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly caramelized compote pear with aromatic notes of freshly baked bread. The taste is sweetish, reminiscent of garden orchard fruit with a bright honey aftertaste.

Pálava – semi-sweet – selection of grapes 2022

The colour of the wine is yellow with golden highlights. Aromas of riper to dried tropical fruit with sweet citrus juiciness. The palate is medium-bodied, sweet, fruity with good juicy and very balanced finish.

Price: 1 000 CZK (set of three bottles of the limited Pride edition)