Who we are

Our core values

We who put together the Prague Pride festival, often in our spare time or for minimal remuneration, consider ourselves to be agents of social change. We approach human rights with a natural respect, create inclusive environments and strive to promote diversity in society. Our core values are freedom, equality and human dignity.

We reflect on the existence of a system of social identities as well as the presence of a patriarchal order and the climatic threat to the world, which overlap in parallel and consequently disadvantage individuals on multiple levels. In the public space, we want to fight against these phenomena by being caring, attentive and low-threshold, and by promoting values such as inclusion, feminism, sustainability and accessibility.

We create the Prague Pride festival as a team – in a professional and high-quality manner. We value working together; we approach each other and our work in an engaged, responsible, respectful and humble way, with an emphasis on sharing and self-discovery. We are open and transparent with our partners.

Gigantická duhová vlajka nesená v průvodu Prague Pride

We are queer and we want to change the world.


The first edition of the Prague Pride festival took place in 2011. Prior to that, several Pride parades were held in a number of other Czech cities, but they never developed into a regularly observed tradition. Prague Pride was intended to change that. The first edition, in the form of a classic parade, was attended by 8,000 people. The number of attendees has been growing ever since. Before the pandemic, a total of 90,000 people attended the festival week together with the accompanying events, and 40,000 people attended Saturday’s parade.

The parade and 100+ events

The Prague Pride festival is not just about the parade through the city. 200 different events take place during the entire week, from Monday to Sunday. The Pride Parade, a rainbow-colored parade through Prague taking place on Saturday, is the culmination of the festival. We replaced it with a Rainbow Cruise in 2020 due to preventive anti-epidemic measures, but in 2022 we returned the parade to the streets of Prague again. A record 60,000 people turned up.

Among the festival’s classics are all kinds of lectures and discussions, film screenings, theater and dance performances, talk shows, sporting events, spiritual meetings and, of course, entertainment in the form of concerts, parties and picnics. Many of the events we organize ourselves, others in collaboration with dozens of program partners.

August is our month

The Prague Pride festival is held during the first or second week of August – so that the Saturday parade falls on the second Saturday of August. We chose this month for several reasons, despite it not being Pride Month, which is traditionally celebrated in June. Because of the date, our festival does not overlap with other big European Prides, so we are not unnecessarily competing with each other. August is also the month of school holidays, so it is much more convenient for pupils and students to attend the festival.

International participation

Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world flock to Prague, and not just for the Saturday parade. Many of the festival guests are also from abroad, including, for example, LGBT activist Omar Sharif Jr., singer Conchita Wurst, former Prime Minister of Iceland Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Ellie Lust, the chairwoman of the Dutch police organization Pink in Blue, and Vladimir Luxuria, the first transgender person elected to Parliament in Europe, from Italy.


It will be what we make it. Have a look at all the ways you can get involved and take part in shaping it with us.