We try to leave as much rainbow and love in Prague as possible, but as little waste as we can. We believe that sustainability should be a part of every organizing team’s mindset these days.

  • That’s why we use returnable cups, and we’d be glad to see you bring your own cup from previous editions of Prague Pride or any other festival. True divas will even bring their own prosecco glass.
  • Please use the bins for sorted waste and think before you toss anything. We sort paper, plastics, and drink cans in cooperation with the Every Can Counts initiative.
  • Leave the car in the garage and come by public transport, on a shared bike, or just walk. For more info, check out the “Transportation around Prague” section.
  • Don’t buy junk and think seriously about your consumption.
  • Don’t buy a new costume for the parade – wear the same one as last year. Nobody remembers it anyway.

Swap out the plastic sequins and glitter for biodegradable materials, and skip the confetti cannons. (This advice doesn’t apply to Pride gin – it contains digestible glitter that won’t stick around).