Accessibility of the festival

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The Prague Pride Festival aims to be as open and accessible as possible to everyone. This is our vision, and we strive to get as close to it as we can. Of course, it’s easier said than done. We face challenges like staircases in old buildings without lifts, the financial demands of sign language translation, and even staffing all the services we want to provide. But accessibility is always on our minds, and we keep pushing for it. So, how did we do this year?

We have several events specifically for the Deaf community. Some are aimed directly at them, like a discussion about what life is like for Deaf Rainbow Families, while other events welcome both Deaf and hearing people, such as a pantomime workshop. Pride Youth will also hold a lesson in basic signing. The festival’s opening in Pride Village and selected stages in Pride Park on Saturday will be interpreted into Czech sign language. Big thanks to Rainbow for the Deaf organization for their cooperation!

We’ve also made changes to our festival website to accommodate visually impaired and blind visitors. The apps they use to read websites can now access our articles and the full festival program.

Accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility

Pride Café

The Dorado Café is wheelchair accessible, with one small step that the staff will gladly help you with. Accessible toilets are available in the neighboring Náprstek Museum – just ask a waiter.

Pride Cinema

Both the café and cinema areas at Edison Filmhub are wheelchair accessible. Use the side entrance from Jeruzalémská Street. There’s an accessible toilet available.

Pride Club

KKafe café is not wheelchair accessible.

Pride Gallery

Langhans – Centre for People in Need is partially wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair can only get to the ground floor, but there’s an accessible toilet (key available on request at reception).

Pride House

The French Institute is accessible by lift, and wheelchair accessible toilets are available.

Pride Life

The entire building is wheelchair accessible, with an elevator ensuring accessibility to each floor. There are also wheelchair accessible toilets.

Pride Parade

The route goes from Wenceslas Square, through Na Příkopě Street, Celetná Street, Old Town Square, Pařížská Street, over Čechův Bridge, and up the stairs to Letenské sady and Letná Plain. It’s about 3 km long, with a lot of granite cobblestones. Despite the bumpy surface, it’s possible to navigate with a wheelchair, but assistance is recommended.
After the Čechův Bridge, under the stairs to Letná, a low-floor bus will be available for people with reduced mobility to take them up to Špejchar free of charge. The bus stop will be located on the waterfront (left from the Čechův Bridge).

Pride Park

Letná Plain is navigable with a wheelchair, pram, or crutches. The surfaces include asphalt, grass, and trampled sandy areas. A wheelchair accessible toilet will be located at the Volunteer Area, with a key available upon request. At the main Red Stage, there will be a designated area on the side for people in wheelchairs. When arriving with the Pride Parade over the Čechův Bridge, a low-floor bus will be available to take people with reduced mobility up to Špejchar free of charge from the stop located on the waterfront (left from the Čechův Bridge).

Pride Village

Střelecký Island is wheelchair accessible by lift. There are also wheelchair accessible public toilets on the island in the bridge pillar (payable).

Pride Youth

Unfortunately, the historic Scout Institute – Fish Hatchery building is not wheelchair accessible.

We also care about people with psychiatric diagnoses. At Pride Village and Pride Park, you’ll find Pride HideOUT – a peaceful refuge from the festival’s hustle and bustle. It’s a quiet zone with cushions where you can take a break from the noise. You’ll find earplugs and have the option to chat with a crisis interventionist.

This year, we’re also stepping up our game for young families. Pride Village will have a changing table, a microwave for heating up kids’ snacks, and baby wipes. The same setup will be at Pride Park, with the family zone located away from the noisy stage area so the little ones can have some peace and quiet. And at the Pride Parade, there will be a train ride again for those who might struggle with the 3km walk.