Accessibility of the festival

Accessibility of the festival
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Barrier-free access

We strive to make the festival accessible to all. Unfortunately, the available buildings and other venues appropriate for our festival have their limits. Their accessibility is as follows:

Pride Village

Střelecký ostrov (Střelecký Island) is accessible by a barrier-free elevator. There are also barrier-free paid toilets on the island inside a bridge pillar.

Pride House

This venue unfortunately isn’t barrier-free.

Pride Life

Individual floors are accessible by a barrier-free elevator. Also available are barrier-free toilets.

Pride Café

This venue unfortunately isn’t barrier-free.

Pride Parade

The route starts at Wenceslas square, follows through the Na Příkově street, Celetná street, Old Town Square, Pařížská street, over the Čechův bridge and up the stairs to the Letná park. The route is about 3 Kilometers long and the majority of it is paved with cobblestones. The route of the parade (all the way to the stairs to Letná) is barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. However, due to the paving we recommend having assistance.

A barrier-free bus will be available under the stairs to Letná to take people with reduced mobility and families with prams up to Letná at no charge.

For those who cannot walk the entire three kilometres, we have arranged the opportunity to watch the parade from the balcony of the Faculty of Law of Charles University. This solution is an alternative to the train from previous years, which this year we are not allowed to have in the parade due to the route through the historical centre. The balcony of the faculty will be open from 13:00 to 14:30, we will try to mark the place as best as possible and also be personally available to assist.

Interpretation into Czech Sign Language

Regrettably, it is not yet within our production and financial means to provide interpretation for all events at the festival. We concentrate our efforts where we think it makes the most sense.

We interpret few selected events. For example the Opening or the programme on the main stage at Pride Park.