Queer Carpet Workshop with Pangea

The Queer Carpet event will be a rainbow ‘Red Carpet’ with Pangea background. The rainbow carpet will be created with the help of everyone at Pride at a workshop on Tuesday. This carpet will be a new tradition that everyone is able to participate in making and will be used at the event for ‘Red Carpet’ Interviews, which will take place in Czech and English. These interviews on the carpet will be asked to the public by Pangea members. The questions will ask about feminism, queer life, pride, and tradition, we will also incorporate the questions on the Pride Website on tradition. People will also be able to use the Queer Carpet to take photos, and videos at Pride.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for children and teenagers, accessible with a dog, barrier-free

Vibe check – quiet, requires interacting with the audience or other attendees, outdoors

Pangea is a Prague-based intersectional feminist and queer nonprofit focused on education, advocacy, and community building. We host information sessions, workshops, and other events focused on raising awareness about feminist, queer, and political issues. We also participate in political activism in addition to writing and publishing feminist content. We aim to create in-person and online educational courses for all people interested in feminism, social justice, and paradigm change.