GALIBI Pride Picnic

ČVUT Student LGBTQIA+ club GALIBI is holding PRIDE PICNIC with competition and you are invited!

GALIBI is LGBTQIA+ club under ČVUT that puts together not only students but also their friends. The club is celebrating Prague Pride as in the past – by hosting the GALIBI Pride Picnik on Střelecka Island. This event also includes the competition called “Picnic Basket”. Who can be the competitor? Everyone who brings something to bite to eat (It can be homemade from scratch or you can simply buy it – it depends on everybody´s cooking skills). There will be some small access of boardgames or cardgames. Even though we are mainly hitting czech language skilled students/friends, there will be some people who can speak fluent English. So everyone is welcome. Celebrate this week in nature, on grass and ease atmosphere. Chat with people you may konw or meet someone new. The most important thing is good mood and blanket if it´s possible. The GALIBI Pride Picnic starts at 4 pm.

Organizer: GALIBI

Student LGBTQIA+ club under ČVUT