Partner zone in pride park: Avoid queues and support the festival

The Partner Zone is a quiet, enclosed section of Pride Park at Letná where you can escape the crowds, have a few alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks on us, and meet prominent partners of the festival. The section also has its own toilets, and as the number of people is limited, there are no queues at the bar.

By purchasing tickets for the partner zone you will not only gain a pleasant experience, but also support the Prague Pride festival so that the majority of the festival events can continue to be free and accessible to all.

The ticket price for the partner zone is 1500 CZK for one person. What does the zone offer?

  • A calmer atmosphere. The partner zone is located away from the stages, near the Ministry of the Interior building.
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet. Come and say hi to your favorite performers.
  • Comfortable seating at a table or, for example, on fatboy bean bags, and not directly on the grass.
  • Its own bar where you can have 5 alcoholic drinks on the house and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for free.
  • Lockers for storing your belongings.
  • Its own toilets.

Say hello to the stars at the Meet & Greet.

Seeing the performers onstage is great but being able to meet them in person is on a whole other level. You will have this opportunity in the partner zone. Share a few words, clink your glasses or just snap a few selfies.

Who will you be meeting? The charismatic Tom Aspaul, the wild and energetic GIRLI and the iconic Miss Petty have all confirmed their presence at the Meet&Greet.

  • 17:30 – Tom Aspaul
  • 18:30 – Miss Petty
  • 19:00 – Girli

Reception at the Residence of the Mayor

We are also offering a limited edition of 10 tickets for the partner zone in combination with entry to the festival reception which will take place in the evening on Tuesday, August 9, at the Residence of the Mayor of Prague on Mariánské náměstí. This is a unique opportunity to meet with important festival partners, LGBT+ personalities and other supporters of the festival, and have a chat with them in the impressive premises of the Mayor’s Residence. The price of a combined ticket is 2500 CZK for one person.