Pride Park

Saturday 13/8
15:00 22:00
Music, Party, Meeting, Show, Meeting, Music, Party, Show

Letná Plain (Letná Park), the final destination of our Rainbow Parade.

Pride Park

Whether you come with a parade or take to Letná on your own, this year you will enjoy a world-class queer programme in Pride Park. We have five music stages with a varied music programme for everyone to choose from, and one community stage for those who are not too keen on the dancing to music. For the complete line-up roll the page, the descriptions and photos of interprets are at the very bottom.

The programme on the stages is just the tip of the iceberg. As at any festival, Pride Park has plenty of food and drink. There’s beer, soft drinks and no shortage of bars with drinks and liquers. If the hunger strikes, it can be satisfied with both salty and sweet, meat and vegan deliciousness.

Bigger comfort in the Partner zone

Do you want to enjoy the program in Pride Park without queues at beer stands and in greater peace? Make sure you enter the Partner Zone. It is a closed section where we invite festival sponsors and we will gladly make room for you too if you support the festival with 1 500 CZK. The Partner Zone has its own bar, its own toilets, table seating and lockers. You will also get 5 drinks on us, unlimited soft drinks and the chance to meet some of the performers at the meet & greet.

“marQet” Fair of info-stands

In addition to the refreshment stands, there will also be a number of infopoints and stands of non-profits and other organizations on Letná. They will form a separate zone, which we call JarmarQ (“marQet”). So be sure to swing by, pick up some flyers, backpack pins, or shop for odds and ends.

Bears CZ and SKGalibiNEEDo TALKsTrans*parent
Clinical Hair&HealthHateFree CultureNosim trenkyVolt Czechia
Česká pirátská stranaJsme férOBRAZ – Obránci zvířatZualu & Limi
DragičkaHairdresser to goOtevři oči z. s.
Rainbow ŽIVOT90La Roche-Posay SkincheckerQueer Ball / STUD
DykkaMerry SharkSolidarita
EklipseMoje tělo je mojeCharlie association

You will also be able to get tested for HIV in the Czech AIDS Help Society tent or relax in the chill zone. The latter offers the opportunity to get glittered-up or take a photo in the photo corner.

Accessibility and practical info

The area is wheelchair accessible. If you come with us in a parade and you cannot manage the stairs from the Čechův bridge, you can use the barier free bus that will take you from the bridge to Špejchar. There are wheelchair accessible toilets in the area – but they are off to the side by the Partner Zone as there is a paved walkway and better access. We have also provided mobile signal boosting for Pride Park.

We use deposite cups throughout the Pride Park. You can return them at a separate booth and at the Pride Energy booth. But you don’t have to return them. If you keep them you’ll donate a few pennies to the festival and you’ll be left with a cool souvenir.


RED STAGE: Main Stage

Moderators: Alena Dolákova, Jackson Smith

The programme at this stage will be interpreted into the Czech sign language.

  • 15:00–16:00 | Lukas Graham (DK)
  • 16:30–17:30 | We Are Domi (CZ/NOR)
  • 18:00–19:00 | Le Čhavendar (CZ)
  • 19:30–20:30 | Tom Aspaul (UK)
  • 21:00–21:59 | Girli (UK)

ORANGE STAGE: Czech Music & Drag

Moderator: Bára Hacsi

  • 15:30–16:00 | Dima Arrest & Fatale Vanity
  • 16:00–17:00 | Princip (CZ)
  • 17:10–17:40 | Cassiopeia
  • 17:45–18:45 | Tome Prince & Elly
  • 18:55–19:25 | Melancholia’s Queer Circus
  • 19:30–20:25 | Just Karen & Venice & Helena Araújo
  • 20:30–21:00 | Miss Petty
  • 21:00–22:00 | Gizela Kova & Crew

YELLOW STAGE: Czech Queer Club Scene

  • 15:00 | Henriette (CZ) + Vilém (CZ)
  • 16:30 | KaaGlo (CZ)
  • 18:00 | Zey (CZ)
  • 19:30 | Lil Autotune (CZ)
  • 21:00 | Cormac (UK)

GREEN STAGE: Focus Poland

BEWARE, the Green stage is outside the areal on the Letná plain, located in the Letná Park at the Prague Metronome, at the so-called “Stalin”.

  • 15:00–16:45 | Amnesiac (PL)
  • 16:45–18:30 | Young Majli (PL)
  • 18:30–20:15| Carollè Süss (PL)
  • 20:15–22:00 | Dogheadsurigeri (PL)

BLUE STAGE: Drum & Love

  • 15:00 | Sofiqa
  • 16:15 | Annita
  • 17:30 | Spiritual
  • 18:30 | Cherw
  • 19:00 | Excentric
  • 20:00 | Simple Souls
  • 21:00 | B-Complex (SK)

PURPLE STAGE: Community Zone

  • 16:00 | Stage opening
  • 16:05 | Hate speech panel
  • 17:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy
  • 18:00 | Hate news by @jsemvobraze
  • 18:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy
  • 19:00 | Hate news by @jsemvobraze
  • 19:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy
  • 20:00 | Karaoke with drag queen Finiji Darkangel

RED STAGE: Main Stage

Moderators: Alena Dolákova, Jackson Smith

The programme at this stage will be interpreted into the Czech sign language.

15:00–16:00 | Lukas Graham (DK)

Lukas Graham is a band originally from Denmark, known for hits like 7 years, Love someone and Happy for you. Since their debut in 2016, GRAMMY®-nominated multi-platinum Lukas Graham has cemented their status as one of the biggest musical breakthroughs of recent times.

Lukas Graham is coming at the invitation of TikTok, one of the partners of this year’s Prague Pride festival.

16:30–17:30 | We Are Domi (CZ/NOR)

We Are Domi is a Czech-Norwegian electro-pop trio around Dominika Hašková, formed in the UK and currently based in the Czech Republic. The band creates a unique fusion of electropop and Scandinavian pop with modern production and catchy melodies. We Are Domi is also characterized by energetic live performances and an electrifying atmosphere. The band is the winner of the national round and the representative of the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2022, where they advanced to the final.

18:00–19:00 | Le Čhavendar (CZ)

The music group Le Čhavendar is based on the traditions of top Romani musicians. However, Le Čhavendar tries to enrich this tradition and musical art with a number of modern musical elements. The result is an interesting blend of Romani folklore enriched with jazz, samba, salsa and funk.

Le Chhavendar as a group has existed for over twenty years. During this time the members have matured, both physically and musically. When this musical formation was formed, the youngest member was only 13 years old. Today Le Čhavendar consists of six musicians: Emil Miko – vocalist, Jan Dužda – bassist and vocalist, Marek Miko – solo guitarist, Štefan Malík – solo guitarist and vocalist, Milan Dužda – guitarist and vocalist and Michal Cába – drummer and percussionist. They form a perfectly harmonized rhythmic foundation on which the individual harmonies and vocals can be easily and effortlessly built.

The musical qualities of Le Chhavendar are evidenced by the number of festivals, both here and abroad. Le Čhavendar played at the most prestigious ethno festivals such as Respect or Khamoro. From abroad, it is worth mentioning Thames Festival London, which is held annually in central London and is one of the most attended festivals in the UK.

Le Čhavendar are also winners of the Zlíntalent 2004 Music Award for the best original work. Their song Sako vakerel – everyone is talking succeeded in the competition of more than five hundred other songs. This prize contributed to the making of a documentary by Czech Television in 2005.

19:30–20:30 | Tom Aspaul (UK)

Tom Aspaul is a queer singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton. Having written songs for Kylie Minogue, Celeste, Becky Hill and Mae Muller; in 2020 Tom released his debut album ‘Black Country Disco’ to critical acclaim. Named as ‘queer disco album of the year’ by Gay Times and featured in GQ and Guardian best-of-2020 lists, the record was supported by a sold out UK tour and remix album featuring collaborations with MNEK, Initial Talk and Kim Wilde. Summer 2022 sees Tom releasing his 2nd Europop-inspired album, ‘Life in Plastic’.

21:00–21:59 | Girli (UK)

“I wanted  to take that back, and be like, Why? I wanted to make pink punk again, and reclaim the word  ‘girl’.” That feminist impulse has driven the defiant, brash electro-pop music Milly has made under the name GIRLI since she was a teenager in 2016, earning her plaudits from the  Guardian, NME, and i-D, for hit singles like “Hot Mess” and her 2019 debut album, Odd One  Out. Along the way, she crafted a persona for herself that was as hard as the word ‘girl’ is  soft: “I built this thing up as GIRLI, like, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks”.

ORANGE STAGE: Czech Music & Drag

Moderator: Bára Hacsi

15:30–16:00 | Dima Arrest & Fatale Vanity

Dima is a 21-year-old drag queen, who you can know from TikTok, Czechoslovakia Has Talent and other shows. On stage she will take you from Y2K pop fantasy, to Italian village to Broadway. Elements from TikTok dances are also not to be missed!

16:10–17:00 | Princip (CZ)

Princip is a 20-year-old artist living in Prague. His music is between electronic, hyperpop and alternative dance music. He first appeared as a participant in the Starter contest on Wave radio and shortly after released his debut EP Drama. Since then he has been active mainly in Prague, where he has played several concerts, for example with Emma Smetana. In his work he reacts to the events in society and through his unusual artistic style he opens and processes these topics. Princip also works as a visual artist and with his music video for the song II. The track was nominated in two categories at London’s LIFT-OFF festival, where it was a finalist.

Princip is currently working on his second EP, which will be titled Tragicomedy and will be released in the fall of 2022. Together with Rainer, he is building on his previous work, but in a whole new style. In an interview with Lui magazine, Princip describes his new work as “a mood that I enjoy incredibly. It’s like I’m finally free and uninhibited for the first time in my life”. You can hear the released songs and the ones that haven’t seen the light of day live on 13.8.2022 at Prague Pride festival.

17:10–17:40 | Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia has been doing Drag for less than three years. She performs mainly in Prague. Among her inspirations are pop divas such as Ariana Grande. She also admires Medusa from Greek mythology and anything marine and snakes. She has been singing since she was a little girl, so besides the classic lipsync you will also hear live singing.

17:45–18:45 | Tome Prince & Elly

Two years ago Tome shone on the electronic scene with his debut EP Made for You, followed by several singles and then in July 2022 he released the Freedom EP. His success was recorded on the biggest Czech radio stations such as Fajn Radio or Evropa 2. The young singer Elly scores points there with her single Are You There. The set is a combination of both artists’ work. With this set they performed together at the Colours of Ostrava festival. Karol Komenda who was supposed to accompany the set, sadly cannot attend.

18:55–19:25 | Melancholia’s Queer Circus

Melancholia’s Queer Circus presents a 30 minute show packed with drag talent from the local scene with lots of authentic queer energy. Come see alternative drag and circus acts by drag kings and drag queens on August 13th from 18:00 on the main stage at Letná during Prague Pride! Brought to you by Melancholia Blackbile and her cast: Aladdin Jane, Finiji DarkAngel & special guest from the UK, Paul Aleksandr.

19:30–20:25 | Just Karen & Venice & Helena Araújo

Just Karen is a drag queen and ethereally chaotic entity who combines dance, lip-sync, poetry and spoken word in her performances. She has performed at the Bushwig Berlin Festival, Charli XCX concert, The Jan Kraus Show and in the opera production La Traviata. At this year’s Prague Pride, she will perform alongside Brazilian dancer Helena Araújo and Slovak choreographer and drag queen Martin Talaga a.k.a. Venice. And it’s going to be a deeply soulful revelry.

20:30–21:00 | Miss Petty

Miss Petty is a Czech drag queen, who was the first in the Czech Republic to combine the art of drag with her own music. Her music is as colourful as her drag persona, and straddles the line between pop, rap and hyperpop. In her lyrics, she uses hyperbole and irony to make fun of herself, but also larger social issues like fatphobia and homophobia. As Miss Petty, David clearly sets the boundaries of his presentation, but also makes it clear that maximum openness is what it’s all about.

21:00–22:00 | Gizela Kova & Crew

Joining the festivities of Pride Park at Letna on Saturday will be Gizela Kova, Priscila, Proxima Torque and other members of the Haus of Kova. Prepare yourself for a show that will take you on a trip around the world, showcasing both Drag and Music from various genres and backgrounds.

Gizela Kova – A Latin Queen but local to Prague since 2017, Gizela has been producing her own shows in Prague highlighting the talents of the local Czech Drag Scene, as well as hosting weekly Drag Shows in clubs in Prague as well as Dj’ing and making music.

Priscilla – Born and raised in the Republic, Priscilla has been doing behind-the-scenes Drag for 7 years. She may be pretty new to the club scene, but she has been doing work in villages both promoting, mentoring and speaking about Drag to the local  villagers. Promoting acceptance among all and opening the minds of those who are not familiar with Drag & Queer culture.

Próxima Torque – Performing with the Haus of Kova since 2020, Proxima is not only a fierce makeup artist but she’s also a versatile dancer. She lights up the stage with her presence and gives you that Drag Race feeling every time she performs.

YELLOW STAGE: Czech Queer Club Scene

15:00 | Henriette (CZ) + Vilém (CZ)

Henriette – Music is her lifelong hobby. She regularly plays at the Prague Pride festival, corporate parties, fashion shows, parties and private events and weddings. She enjoys the fact that playing allows her to participate in your most important life moments. One-off events and guest appearances include participation in festivals in Greece, Slovakia, Spain and Germany. For example, it was a great honour for her to play at Buffon Gianluigi’s wedding to Alena Šeredová in 2011.

Henriette is also the founder of Freedom Night, a successful party for girls (and their friends) that she has been hosting since 2004. In addition to regular parties in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, it has also been held in Pilsen and Olomouc. The party is usually themed and often connected with concerts of interperts such as Dara Rolins, ČokoVoko, Emma Drobná, Lunetic, Rytmus, Holki, Lenny, Toxique, Bára Piešová and others…


Vilém – He is rightfully one of the longest playing house DJs in the Czech Republic. His beginnings are connected with the legendary club Radost FX, Roxy, Mecca, Duplex, etc., where he has worked since 1992 together with other local stalwarts, including Loutka, Bidlo and Braun. Worth mentioning are the mixed compilations House Party 5, released under the Next Era agency, and Lollypop, which were released under the Radost FX label of the same name.

During his career, he has performed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and London alongside Phonique, Charles Webster, Fred Everything, Johnny Fiasco, Dj Sneak, Paul Van Dyk, Roger Sanchez, Asad Rizvi, Boris Dlugosh, Andhim, Mousse T and many more. During his performances he often involves live vocalists and various well-known and lesser-known musicians accompanied by e.g. saxophone, violin, piano, drums, percussion and guitar

His own musical production of the track under the name Choice Project Live was a great success among clubbers and we must not forget the collaboration with leading singers and bands such as Monkey Business, Tonya Graves, Charlie One and also Dara Rolins.

16:30 | KaaGlo (CZ)

Kaa Glo – Kaa Glo – the often crowned “BPM Queen” with obsession in frogs likes to play fast and fun tracks and its most important criteria is not to be bored at the event. Whether you’re in the crowd or behind the decks. She’s been organizing Prague based @whiskas_party (together with her five friends) since 2017.

Soundcloud | Instagram | Instagram Whiskasparty

18:00 | Zey (CZ)

Zey is a Prague DJ. Through their work they are primarily trying to liberate – themselves and others. Through the prism of their lived experience, they share the emancipatory potentials of queer artists in the African diaspora in particular. Genre is not as important to tthem as the spaces for experimentation in mapping and mixing (not only) electronic music from, for example, South Africa, the East and West African equator, Euro-American landscapes or black Latin America. They like and follow the flows of diasporic sounds and rhythms, which is why you will often hear hip hop, punk, or vogue music in their sets.

19:30 | Lil Autotune (CZ)

Trans femme non-binary performer, visual artist, DJ and princess of transformation Lil Autotune presents her show at Prague Pride. A mix of adrenaline, estrogen, angel rays with a hint of synthetic rose. Reclaim our trans pride. The show is dedicated to Czech dolls.

21:00 | Cormac (UK)

Cormac is an Irish DJ and music producer currently releasing under his own label Polari. His musical style ranges between house music, acid house and italo disco. 

For a number of years he was resident DJ at London’s Fabric club. After moving to Berlin he became a regular DJ at popular European clubs such as Panorama bar in Berghain and Blitz in Munich. You can regularly hear his sets on YouTube channel HÕR and Rinse FM radio, and he recently recorded his Essential Mix for BBC Radio. He is systematically working on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Since its inception, he has also been a resident at the DICK party in Prague, hosted by Pioneer Prague at Ankali club.

GREEN Stage: Focus Poland

Green Stage, which focuses on artists from Poland, can be found outside the Letná Plain, at the Metronome on Letná, the so-called “Stalin”. It is the place the parade passes by as it climbs the stiars behind the Čechův bridge.

15:00–16:45 | Amnesiac (PL)

Amnesiac is a DJ from Warsaw founding member of SOJUZ and SONDA collectives, focused on creating parties that offer music that is not widely available on the Warsaw scene. He played in numerous venues all across Poland, including Jasna 1, Smolna, 999, Paloma, Dom technika, Lunapark, etc. His musical spectrum is wide. He selects soulful tracks, starting from house and minimal, going through bass and breakbeat, ending on tougher electro and equally soulful techno. As a member of SOJUZ crew he took part in many radio shows at non-profit initiative, radio Kapital.

16:45–18:30 | Young Majli (PL)

Young Majli is an alias of Marta Malinowska, a DJ and radio host based in Warsaw, currently working at Radio 357, the spiritual successor to the legendarny Trójka. Despite moving to the capital, she has a strong connection to the Wrocław scene centered around the Regime Brigade crew. Her sound was heavily influenced by the melting pot of UK and NY’s early 10s bass music, where sweet r&b melodies would mix with ice cold grime, and continues to evolve to this day.

Becoming interested in music from a very young age, Marta quickly became an avid radio fan. This led to her five year tenure at student-led Radio Luz in Wrocław where she rose to a Program and Music Director position and learned to DJ. Being part of Regime—a collective pushing most exciting local music and art through its releases and events—and the crew around Uczulenie club, Young Majli quickly became one of the most influential people in the world of non-techno club music in Poland, known for her eclectic tastes blended into smooth mixes.

She has performed at Unsound Festival, Nowe Horyzonty and some of the biggest clubs around, including Jasna 1, P23, Ciało among others.

18:30–20:15 | Carollè Süss (PL)

multidisciplinary artist, tattooer and DJ based in Warsaw, Poland. Her DJ debut took place at a pandemic online party in March 2020 and six months later her mix for Wixapolonia has been recognized as one of The Top 7 Mixes of September 2020 by T-Mobile Electronic Beats. In the last two years Carollė Süss performed mostly in Warsaw at events like Mazury Club, Wixapol or Parada Dziwności 2021, however she played in other polish cities too (e.g. Poznan, Opole or Cracov). Her DJ sets are full of bass, glitch and unusual rhythms mixed with genres like rap, hyperpop or hardstyle.

20:15–22:00 | Dogheadsurigeri (PL)

Polish DJ currently based in between London and The Hague. Since 2018 she’s been a member of Oramics, an initiative that supports the participation of women, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community in the clubbing scene.

She’s performed in different clubs all over Poland and at some festivals such as Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice, Open Source Art Festival, Upper Festival or Ephemera Festival. You could catch her playing in London (Colour Factory), Amsterdam (s105, BRET) or Bratislava (Fuga). Her sets are hybrid with rhythmic switch-ups blending cut-up deconstructed club-music with trap, UK bass, abstract techno and EDM snippets.

She released mixes for Boiler Room: HARD DANCE series, Ransom Note and had occasional radio shows at NTS, HÖR Berlin, Red Light Radio and more. Together with other Oramics members, she was a part of CTM 2021 Discourse panel discussion on solidarity practices within the electronic music scene. In 2020 she was a part of To Be Real art residency at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Nonlinearity rages through the machines. Cyclonic torsion moans. Born under Scorpio zodiac sign, she’s ruled by impulsiveness and passion, which reflect in everything she does. Nelinearita řádí skrze stroje. Cyklónová torze sténá. Narodila se ve znamení zvěrokruhu Štír, takže jí vládne impulzivita a vášeň, které se odrážejí ve všem, co dělá.

BLUE Stage: Drum & Love

15:00 | Sofiqa

Sofiqa, real name Sofie, is a drum and bass DJ, who enjoys the rhythms of pure jungle and cutting roller. She found her love for drum and bass around 2012, but didn’t start playing until almost 10 years later. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been on the scene very long, she has already played quite a lot, not only in Prague. Together with DJ Hundread he has a show JUNGLE TIME on, which you can watch every last Thursday of the month.

16:15 | Annita

She has been on the music scene since 2009 and started playing regularly in clubs in 2010. Since 2014, for two years she has been broadcasting her own show on London’s Bassport.FM radio, where she presented the work of Czech music producers in two-hour podcasts. Over the last few years she has been a guest in clubs abroad in Holland, Germany, Valencia, Poland and Croatia. She is a resident DJ at the legendary Prague club Cross, where she regularly hosts club events focused on electronic music. 

She likes to base her sets on an eclectic flow, i.e. different musical styles, moods and tempos. You can hear calm chillout and ambient, relaxed house music or downtempo and energetic drum and bass. She likes to adapt her selection to the occasion, the place and the mood.

17:30 | Spiritual

by his own name Zbyněk Jakš, is a drum & bass enthusiast and DJ originally from Most, North Bohemia. He decided to get behind the mixing console for the first time in 2014 with his then project System Overload, which unfortunately later broke up. In 2017 he accepts the call and joins the newly founded project Introtrip and 2 years later he also becomes a member of the worldwide MIB Crew. He closes his involvement with Introtrip in 2021 and his focus shifts fully to the development of the Fourtune and Unity Rage festivals. His sets are brisk and he chooses his selections according to the party atmosphere. But they are always characterized by melody. They have been heard at events such as Let It Roll, Trident Festival, S-Massacre and Fourtune Festival, and alongside international artists such as Delta Heavy, A.M.C., Neonlight, Emperor, NickBee, Dossa & Locuzzed, Zombie Cats, Counterstrike, JamThieves, Mean Teeth, TR Tactics, Kursiva, Kritix, Volatile Cycle and many more. Apart from the Czech Republic, he has also made a few trips abroad, for example to neighbouring Germany or Slovakia, but also to Mediterranean Malta.

18:30 | Cherw

In 2013 he got into mixing and hasn’t stopped training since. After a year of hard training, he played in public for the first time and more parties started to quickly pile up. Over time, he’s been gaining experience from clubs across the country, such as Denoche, Storm ci Cross Club, where he’s performed alongside Czech Djs and the world’s best. Now he’s been touring and flying all over Central Europe and has even made it to Colombia, mixing with big names like Zardonic, Neonlight, June Miller, Zombie Cats, Joe Ford and A-Cray. 

In 2016, he led a very successful crew at the time – DarkSide Records, which he helped co-found. The resident club was Storm Club in Prague, where they held regular DarkSide Nights. In 2018-2019 he worked as a booking manager at Empire Recordings. In 2021 he is approached by Spring BassJam festival, with whom he starts working and takes the position of label manager and together they release a compilation album every year with international and Czech DnB producers.

He is now involved in organizing special bus parties called Drum and Bus and booking management. Since 2016 he has been performing regularly at what is billed as a DnB festival, Let it Roll.

This 26-year-old madman mixes the dark sounds of hard neurofunk deep and deep bass dance floors that are closest to his ears and heart. He regularly hosts parties in Prague with the top of the Czech and international DnB scene.

19:00 | Excentric

Excentric, by his own name Honza Střecha, is a DJ playing mostly the quieter subgenres of drum and bass. He has been behind the decks for over 5 years. He considers himself a very happy and, as his nickname suggests, eccentric person. So you can look forward to music full of happy melodies, saxophones and a Hawaiian shirt.

20:00 | Simple Souls

Simple Souls is a project that brings a wave of positivity to d&b!Their music combines summer liquidfunk melodies with live instruments to create an energetic funky mix that’s great to dance to but also relax on the beach.They’ve been on the scene for a while now, releasing on labels like Soul Deep and Liquid Boppers, until they were finally chosen as one of the new faces of Liquid V by Bryan Gee himself, which led them to find a home in the family of the legendary VRecordings label. Bryan regularly plays their tracks in his sets and podcasts, but you can also hear them in other world famous d&bDJs such as Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Command Strange,Bcee,Dossa&Locuzzed or Patife. They perform as a DJlive project which is accompanied by brass instruments(sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute) and guitar.They don’t limit themselves to liquid funk,but combine several funky subgenres of dnb and sometimes their sets go further than the world of dnb. In their diverse sound, all fans of quality dance music will find something that will make them stay on the dance floor.

21:00 | B-Complex (SK)

Matia is a transgender DJ from Bratislava who is behind the B-complex project. Thanks to her work and especially her track Beautiful lies, which was released on the world renowned dnb label Hospital, she has been invited to clubs and festivals all over the world. And she is still one of the most famous Slovak names abroad.

Since coming out in 2015, he has also been a prominent figure in our LGBTQ+ scene. As an activist, she writes regular columns in the SME newspaper, is the author of the Slovak Radio Song of the Year – Past Lessons For The Future with the voice of Jan Werich and Masaryk’s message.

Matia believes in the right and happiness of every individual in society and that diversity enriches and does not threaten. Her mixes are equally rich and varied, where she incorporates other genres into drum&bass.

PURPLE Stage: Community Zone

If you want to consume something other than good food, drink and music, head to Letná on Saturday to the Putple stage. From 4pm you can snuggle up on a deckchair or blanket by the #ozvise community stage and we’ll serve up some friendly faces, light-hearted humour, a knowledgeable LGBT+ quiz for prizes or maybe the (slightly different) evening news. The icing on the cake will be an evening of karaoke hosted by a drag queen.

16:00 | Stage opening

Kryštof Stupka

16:05 | Hate speech panel

hosts: Johana Bázlerová a Kryštof Stupka

guest: Zuzana Kašparová and Terézia Ferjančeková from Vyhonit Ďábla (“jerk off the devil”), Lenka Králová

Words have the power of a weapon. Their meaning influences and shapes our understanding of the world. Queer people in the country are constantly exposed to hateful comments, whether on the street or online. We need to take action and it is on this topic that we are opening a discussion. How to fight hate speech? What is the #ozvise project? And how not to go crazy?

17:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy

You know them from the Comedy Club, you know them from the show on and now they will entertain you live at the Prague Pride festival! Comedians from Underground Comedy will give you a good portion of stand-up show. Just a comedian and his audience. Humour that won’t leave you in peace. Topics that are not talked about. It’s all a stand-up show with Underground Comedy. Performers: Lukáš Kundera, Tereza Bonaventurová, Nikola Džokič

18:00 | Hate news by @jsemvobraze

Hosted by Johana Bázlerová a Kryštof Stupka

Hate speech, memes, the anti-gender movement or the LGBT+ quiz for prizes. You can look forward to it all!

18:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy

You know them from the Comedy Club, you know them from the show on and now they will entertain you live at the Prague Pride festival! Comedians from Underground Comedy will give you a good portion of stand-up show. Just a comedian and his audience. Humour that won’t leave you in peace. Topics that are not talked about. It’s all a stand-up show with Underground Comedy. Performers: Lukáš Kundera, Tereza Bonaventurová, Nikola Džokič

19:00 | Hate news by @jsemvobraze

Hosted by Johana Bázlerová a Kryštof Stupka

Hate speech, memes, the anti-gender movement or the LGBT+ quiz for prizes. You can look forward to it all!

19:30 | Stand-up by Underground Comedy

You know them from the Comedy Club, you know them from the show on and now they will entertain you live at the Prague Pride festival! Comedians from Underground Comedy will give you a good portion of stand-up show. Just a comedian and his audience. Humour that won’t leave you in peace. Topics that are not talked about. It’s all a stand-up show with Underground Comedy. Performers: Lukáš Kundera, Tereza Bonaventurová, Nikola Džokič

Performers: Lukáš Kundera, Tereza Bonaventurová, Nikola Džokič

20:00 | Karaoke with drag queen Finiji Darkangel

Come and enjoy the music for yourself. The Stage will be there just for you! Our drag queen Finiji Darkangel will make even the shyest of shysters sing…


Pride Park