Workshop: How to Create an Inclusive and Safe Work Environment for LGBTQIA+ Employees

Ensuring that LGBTQIA+ employees feel comfortable in the workplace is more than essential because if they are facing discrimination, snide comments or outright harassment, it has a negative impact on their motivation and work performance. This is why it’s necessary for employers and coworkers of LGBTQIA+ people to know how to create an inclusive and safe work environment where they will feel valued, respected and supported. This workshop will focus on these issues through interactive activities and discussions like:

  • How to recognize and eliminate prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people
  • What language and terminology to use when communicating with LGBTQIA+ people and the appropriate ways of addressing them
  • How to respect and support the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations
  • How to react to inappropriate or offensive behavior towards LGBTQIA+ people

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and contribute to creating a more inclusive and respectful society. The workshop is also beneficial for LGBTQIA+ people who want to share their experiences, needs and suggestions for improving the work environment.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – barrier-free

Vibe check – requires interacting with the audience or other attendees, seating options, indoors

Host – Martin Bytčánek, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy

Guest – Lenka Králová, Pure Storage & Pride Business Forum

OrganizerPure Storage, Allen & Overy
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