Vani Vachi

Vani Vachi is a DJ and producer currently based in Berlin and a resident DJ of the Ukrainian queer collective Veselka. Her musical tastes were first shaped in London and gradually became an important part of the emerging Kiev scene. In Kiev she curated the Outside festival and the Gems party at the underground club Otel’. Her sets are unique and unpredictable, with a distinct affinity for the 90s and 00s, mixing broken and straight beats, classic acid bass and groovy sounds. She has an impressive list of international festivals under her belt, such as Brave! Factory, ICKPA by Bassiani, Roskilde, Feel a Whole. She is also a regular at Pornceptual parties in Berlin, she drops mixtapes at Mixmag and CXEMA and plays at the infamous green bathroom, Hör. With her first EP coming out this summer, we can expect her to bring queerness to many more dancefloors in Europe and beyond.

Green Stage