Rainbow Board Games

Bring a group or come alone and we’ll help you choose a board game and teach you how to play it too. Board games don’t start and end with just chess or checkers and there are games suitable for both experts and amateurs. We have over 500 board games for large groups or couples. There are cooperative and social games. Plus, at Bohemia Boards and Brews, you can order great food and refreshing drinks while you’re giving a game your best. Can’t make it here in time for the start? Not a problem, you can come anytime and we’re sure you’ll still find a teammate and a seat.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for children and teenagers, accessible with a dog

Vibe check – quiet event (no loud music, shouting, etc.), seating options, indoors

OrganizerBohemia Boards & Brews Prague’s first café focused on board games, of which you can find over five hundred here. You can enjoy something small to eat while you play, such as savory cakes, panini or cheese, which you can wash down with cocktails, homemade lemonade or with one or more beers from microbreweries. If you don’t know what to play, it’s not a problem. The café staff will be happy to help you with both the selection and the rules.

Bohemia Boards & Brews

Charkovská 441