Ragga Holm x Steina

Ragga Holm and Steina are Icelandic rappers and members of the eight-member female hip hop group The Daughters of Reykjavík. Ragga started her music career as a rapper in early 2017 and has been on the move ever since, with a solo album and several singles under her belt. In August 2017, she released a song featuring her together with The Daughters of Reykjavík and has been an active member of the group ever since. Steina spent her childhood studying classical music, singing in choir and playing the viola. She began writing and performing her own music in 2011 with the Icelandic reggae group Amabadama and joined The Daughters when they formed in 2013. This Prague Pride, they are teaming up to deliver an unforgettable experience and celebrate this beautiful event with a Prague pride moment!

Rainbow Stage