Queer Mythology Tent

M. Palencar is a queer artist from Baltimore and has lived in the Czech Republic for the past 5 years. They focus on childhood and myth in their work to create experiences that explore the magic of childishness and girlhood and how these themes should be embraced rather than dismissed. Keeping with the theme of pride being that of tradition this year, M. Palencar is exploring queerness throughout human history and how it has been explored through myth and legend. Variety in human sexuality and gender is not new and has been represented in some of our oldest stories we have written down. Palencar will work to put these stories into a visual and spatial experience combining images from these legends alongside a brief description of the story being shown on each of the series of four panels. The panels will be arranged to create a space for visitors to the island to relax and unwind during the festivities.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for children and teenagers, accessible with a dog

Vibe check – quiet event (no loud music, shouting, etc.), seating options, outdoors

OrganizerPrague Pride
We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that puts people and human dignity first. Our core values are respect and diversity. We believe in democracy and the rule of law based on respect for human rights. Our mission is creating a respectful and safe environment where LGBT+ people can be themselves.

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