Pride Club: curated by Pioneer Prague

Thursday 10/8
22:00 04:00

Pioneer Prague has been bringing interesting names and electronic music to the Czech queer dance scene for many years. It has been pushing our scene to the next level for a long time. This year, Pioneer Prague has taken over the patronage of Thursday night, bringing a diverse but harmonious mix of musical styles. There will be house and pop, but don’t expect a convention. Come celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy the party on the night of the so-called “Little Friday”, because the grand finale is already cruelly close and the festival is in full swing.


  • 22:00 Adamatron b2b Petrunna
  • 00:00 Eva Porating
  • 02:00 PSJ


Regardless of Psj’s sparse presence in the online world, you’ll come across a lot of his influence in the real one. As an offspring of the momentous house scene in Brno, he left the city with his MUAH legacy, moved his activities to Prague and quickly became a go-to selector. His DJ selections mostly depend on the time of the day and the speed at which he wants you to move. It can be disco-tinged euphoria, ambient and downtempo gems or slowly bubbling acid, but all delivered so effortlessly that it’s hard not to get infected. In addition to Ankali, he recently added a Vitamin badge to his residency belt. Last but not least, he runs Luft, the beloved music & drinks haven he always dreamt of.
SoundCloud: @psjx


Eva comes from Slovakia where she spent her teenage years playing bass guitar and singing in hardcore and punk bands. During her visit to London she suddenly found herself standing in the middle of Fabric’s dance floor and needles to say, she loved what she heard there. After relocating to Brno she met Psj and Møreti and a deep friendship started which generated a small record store or the locally unparalleled club phenomenon – the MUAH events. Eva is an eager sonic explorer, who binds all her influences into mystical adventures. Aside from regular spots in dozens of clubs around central Europe, Eva holds a residency at Radio Punctum with her Anemone show. It’s sometimes slower, at times just more daring, but doesn’t differ that much from her club slots. Taking your shoes off together with any other constraints holding you back is what Eva highly appreciates.
IG: @eva_porating ~ SoundCloud: @eva-porating


Adam and Petr have been playing for about three years and are now starting their b2b concept in Prague. They originally met 9 years ago on Grindr (😅). The disco and all its forms, including Italo and electro, is what unites them. Their energetic set will also look like that. Adamatron prefers darker waters and when it comes to sound, he looks for a combination of elements of Italo disco, electronics and techno. Petrunna, on the other hand, prefers to swim in positively tuned disco, funk and boogie. You can hear Peter at Bugsy’s Bar and also at Cloud 9 Hilton.
IG: @_.adamatron @petrunna ~ SoundCloud: @adama_tron @petrunna

Entrance fee – 150 CZK (pre-sale), 200 CZK (on spot)

Event accessibility – for 18+ only

Vibe check – large capacity event (more than 200 people, high possibility of physical contact), loud, indoors

Trigger warnings – flashing lights

OrganizerPrague Pride
We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that puts people and human dignity first. Our core values are respect and diversity. We believe in democracy and the rule of law based on respect for human rights. Our mission is creating a respectful and safe environment where LGBT+ people can be themselves.

Pride Club

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