Prague Queer Heritage Tour 2023

Are you interested in what life was like for gays and lesbians in Prague in oth the recent and the distant past? On this history-focused walk with the historian Jan Seidl, co-author of the Queer Prague guidebook, you will be immersed in the queer atmosphere of the interwar period, the Nazi occupation, the Communist regime and the “wild“ 1990s. After having visited the quarters of Old Town, New Town, Vinohrady and Smíchov during several pre-covid editions of Prague Pride, this year the tour is focused on the formerly working-class quarter of Žižkov.

Starting point is at Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie v Olšanech (Orthodox Church at Olšany Cemetery)

Entrance fee – free

Vibe check – loud event, standing-room-only, outdoors

Trigger warnings – topics related to the tragic historical events of the 20th century will be referenced during the walk

OrganizerSpolečnost pro queer paměť (Society for Queer Memory)
The Society for Queer Memory, with its collections, archives and museum, works to counter the forced forgetting of the lives of people who were driven to live in hidden communities, excluded from family traditions and rituals of remembrance. The results of the Society’s work contribute to making life easier for new generations of queer people – so that they don’t have to enter life with the devastating notion of loneliness and exclusion.

Church Nanebevzetí Panny Marie in Olšany

Jana Želivského 7