Mezipatra Film Screening: Słoń / Elephant

Bartek lives in a small village in southern Poland. His days seem to be all the same. He takes care of his farm and beloved horses, he works at the bar in the local pub, he helps his elderly neighbors. He lives with his mother, who has never come to terms with the fact that Bartek’s father left the family many years ago. The dull monotony of Bartek’s days is turned upside down by the charismatic Dawid, who comes to the village to settle his father’s estate. Bartek finds Dawid fascinating and the two young men quickly form a strong bond. But first love isn’t always pretty and you can’t only look at the world with rose-coloured glasses. A difficult decision has to be made. To stay, to deny himself and continue to care for his mother, or to leave and live the life he wants with his beloved by his side? Kamil Krawczycki’s gripping romance Elephant is an honest and tender account of love, family and self-acceptance in the unkind world of the conservative Polish countryside.
In original with English and Czech subtitles.

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival enriches Prague Pride with a refreshing mix of film screenings and accompanying discussions at Kasárna Karlín. Come and join our discussions, have fun, enjoy the summer and, most importantly, remember the unforgettable atmosphere of Mezipatra.

Entrance fee – voluntary, up to you

Event accessibility – suitable also for teenagers, accessible with a dog, barrier-free

Vibe check – large capacity event (more than 200 people, high possibility of physical contact), loud event, seating options, outdoors

Trigger warnings – flashing lights

OrganizerMezipatra QFF
Mezipatra is the largest queer film festival in Central and Eastern Europe.

Kasárna Karlín

Prvního pluku 20/2