Film Screening and Panel Talk: Queer/Feminist Activism in CHINA. Tradition and Reform

How is queer activism/movement portrayed in mainland China? How about the feminist revolution? In the late 90s towards the beginning of the Millennium, a group of social activists, socially-engaged artists, and academics who engaged in speaking up for diversity and gender equality built queer/feminist communities to empower women and sexual minorities. They strive to re-think gender hierarchy, re-define the identity of women, and recast the discourse of gender/ sexuality. Decades later, these beautiful memories and precious experiences play a significant role in the queer and feminist history in China, which illuminates hope and light of freedom, and paves a way for new generations in the future.

In original with English subtitles. A discussion with Ms Pei, a Chinese activist and student living in Germany, follows. The discussion will be held in English.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for teenagers

Vibe check – smaller event (event up to approx. 30 people), requires interacting with the audience or other attendees, seating options, indoors

Host – Ms. Pei, Chinese activist and student from Germany

Organizer Pan-Europe Rainbow China
Founded last autumn in Hague in the Netherlands, our organization unites Chinese LGBTI+ minorities in the EU. Our members are mostly young Chinese students based in Europe. The mission of the organization is to fight for the rights and freedom of Chinese sexual minorities, to provide a platform where they can come together and self-realize, and to promote a diverse and tolerant society.

Pride Life – Theatre

Karoliny Světlé 286/18