Drag and Queer Karaoke

We are a non-hierarchical group of queer/drag performers who host karaoke nights for the community. Our events are free of charge and free of judgment – and always safe spaces. We invite everyone to come along, sing their favourite songs with us, cheer and clap for others, and enjoy the positive vibes. We do karaoke every Sunday, but we are putting on this special Pride-edition just for YOU!

The bar we hold this event at – Back Doors – is a pro-queer safe space. The owners care deeply about this event and their guests and they work hard to ensure this is OUR space.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for teenagers, accessible with a dog

Vibe check – smaller event (event up to approx. 30 people), loud event, seating options, indoors

Hosts – Fifi Pharaonic and Jena St. Quoi

OrganizerDrag and Queer Karaoke
They are a non-hierarchical group of drag and queer performers who host queer karaoke evenings. Their karaoke is a completely safe space, where everyone is welcome and supported, no matter who they are, their orientation, gender, skin colour, or singing ability. All they require is positive vibes!

Back Doors Bar

Na Bělidle 310