DJ WhiteCat

This Czech DJ’s fan base is centered in Prague, but she often travels to events all over Czechia. She mainly plays in clubs, mostly in venues dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, of which she is a big advocate and supporter. In 2012 she got the chance to perform at ON Club (now Termax) and the immediacy, openness, ability to enjoy life to the fullest and free-thinking nature of LGBTQ+ people captivated her. In 2013, she played on the main Prague Pride stage for the first time, after which she became the resident DJ at many other LGBTQ+ venues (Queens, AXM, Friends, JampaDampa, Termix, Termax, Heaven and last but not least the most gay friendly afterparty club – Le Clan). She is often approached by drag queens from both Czechia and abroad to provide musical accompaniment at their Prague parties. You can rest assured that you won’t miss DJ WhiteCat in the crowd, as she delights in bright pink hair, striking tattoos and extravagant outfits. You won’t be able to miss her music either. Although she’s happy to play both original and remixed gay classics at LGBTQ+ venues, her favourite musical style is primarily melodic techno, ideally paired with refined vocals, but she’s also fond of dark disco, nu-disco, funky house, high-quality deep house and minimal-tech.

Blue Stage