DJ Henriette + DJ Vilém

DJ Henriette

The Czech DJ Henriette has been active on the Prague club scene since 2004, when she founded the Freedom Night project. This successful party for girls (and their friends) has been going strong for nineteen years and besides regular parties in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, it has also been organized in Pilsen and Olomouc. The parties tend to be themed and are often coupled with concerts by artists such as Dara Rolins, Čoko Voko, Emma Drobná, Lunetic, Rytmus, Holki, Lenny, Toxique and others. In addition to DJing and organizing Freedom Nights, Henriette also runs a small festival called Queer Eye, and produces nightclubs and one-off events. Among her most interesting past projects was the musical production for the 2011 wedding of Alena Šeredová, the Czech model, to Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian football player.

DJ Vilém

DJ Vilém is rightfully one of the longest-playing house DJs in the Czech Republic. His beginnings are connected with the legendary clubs Radost FX, Roxy, Mecca, Duplex and others, where he has worked since 1992, along with other local constants such as Loutka, Bidlo or Braun. Worth mentioning are his mixed compilations House Party 5 and Lollypop. Throughout his career, in addition to a number of Czech clubs, he has performed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and London alongside big names such as Phonique, Charles Webster, Fred Everything, Johnny Fiasco, DJ Sneak, Paul Van Dyk, Roger Sanchez, Asad Rizvi, Boris Dlugosh, Andhim, Mousse T and many more. His performances often involve vocalists and both well-known and little-known musicians playing saxophone, violin, piano, drums and percussion, guitars, etc. His own musical production of a track called Choice Project Live has garnered great success among clubbers, and we also must not forget his collaborations with top singers and bands such as Monkey Business, Tonya Graves, Charlie One and Dara Rolins.

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