Disrupting Traditions & Driving Change – Advancing LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Digital Economy

CZ is doing something right – LGBTQIA+ citizens here reported some of the highest life satisfaction and felt discriminated against the least comparably to other EU countries (EU Agency for Fundamental Right, 2020). At the same time, the amendment to the Civil Code for equal marriage has been discussed in the Chamber of Deputies for over 5 years despite 73 % of CZ citizens being in favor (Globsec, 2023). Given the strong influence of both Western and Eastern countries on CZ, the political direction of LGBTQIA+ rights in the country is unclear. Expect interactive conversation and a call to action for both those in the community and allies – there’s a need for everyone to play a part!

A conversation not to be missed! There will also be a showcase of tried and tested mechanisms for disrupting traditions to attract and retain LGBTQIA+ talent.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for teenagers

Vibe check – seating options, indoors

Katie Gleghorn, DEI Global Senior Manager, Pure Storage
Garrett Dibon-Smith, Associate Director Talent Enablement and OneD&I LGBTQI+ Lead, Novartis
SentielOne, Oracle

Host – Marie Bastlová, Seznam Zprávy

OrganizerPure Storage
Pure Storage is a pioneer in the field of IT, providing the most advanced all-flash technology and data storage services in the world. Sustainability is encoded in our DNA – we offer solutions that reduce electronic waste, consume less energy, take up less space, and require less cooling. Our products are highly important for any organization dealing with data. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. We have approximately 5000 employees worldwide and a significant presence in Prague.

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