Ace Picnic 2023

Even though we are one of the newest LGBTQ communities, we have an annual tradition of our own – the Prague Pride Ace Picnic! This year we invite everyone on the asexual and aromantic spectrum to our festival gathering at Pride Village at Střelecký ostrov. Come and meet other people from the community, make new friends, talk openly about your experiences or simply spend a pleasant summer afternoon by the water with like-minded people. All friends and allies are welcome too. Bring snacks to suit your taste and ability, and be sure to bring flags and board games as well. The picnic will run into the evening, feel free to come at any time, whenever you like.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable for teenagers, accessible with a dog, barrier-free.

Vibe check – seating options, outdoors

OrganizerAsexuaLOVE is a Facebook group for people who don’t experience sexual and/or romantic attraction or desire, as well as anyone who considers themselves a member of the a-spectrum. The group also welcomes anyone who supports us or wants to learn more about asexuality/aromanticism.

Pride Village – Additional Programme