Store your data with pride. Pure Storage stands for diversity, equality and inclusion

PR article for Pure Storage, a partner of the Prague Pride festival

Pure Storage is well known for its distinctive culture, with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at its core. Therefore, our DEI program strongly supports diverse representation across the company and strives to continually implement sound policies and practices that make this possible.

Over the last few years we have significantly increased investment in our DEI efforts and have introduced a range of initiatives, such as including family forming and fertility support as well as gender affirming support for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, which is especially important as they begin to live their authentic selves. In addition, we’ve introduced DEI training to develop our team of inclusive leaders, we publish pay bands as a part of our equal pay initiative, and we hold events that everyone can attend so that they have the opportunity to engage with the DEI agenda and show that they stand behind their colleagues. We have also launched an internal “Inclusive Leadership Index” initiative to create accountability among our senior management.

June, the Pride Month in the U.S., is a special time for us to celebrate our connection to the LGBTQIA+ community. To highlight this month, we hosted several global events to raise awareness of the ongoing discrimination and struggles the community continues to face.

But let’s not forget the Czech Republic. We established the Prague Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG), an internal LGBTQIA+ group of our employees, in 2022 and its membership continues to grow. What’s more, ERG members along with allies meet at our regular “Beers with the Queers”. At the same time, we’ve been a member of the Pride Business Forum since 2020, joining right after the establishment of our Prague R&D Center. For the last two years we have also been actively participating in the annual Fun&Run, where we have helped raise funds for and the House of Light.

This year we are again a strategic partner of the Prague Pride festival. During the festival week, we will hold two events – a panel discussion focused on advancing LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the digital economy and a workshop focused on how companies can create safer and more inclusive work environments.

As a society we have made progress since Pride month began in 1969 — but more needs to be done. Supporting and advancing the LGBTQIA+ community cannot be limited to a single week or month.