Pride Gallery

Centre of People in Need organization Langhans, Vodičkova 707/37, 110 00 Prague 1 – New Town

Have a coffee with a hearty side of queer art. The Langhans Centre and Café will be transformed into the Pride Gallery, where you’ll learn about LGBTQ veterans of the Donbas war, get a glimpse into the history of queer memory, taste the harvest of some of the queerest art to come out of the Haná region of Czechia, and find out more about yourself than you’d expect with the help of colorful lollipops over the course of four exhibitions. Check out the full program and savor the smells of freshly roasted coffee and queer art. You can also bring your dog, but it must be on a leash.

We Were Here
Come see a series of works depicting real LGBTQ veterans* of the Donbas war.

Queer Salon of Haná vol. 6
For the sixth time you can check out this display of works by traditional artists* associated with the Picolo Centre in Olomouc.

A Taste of Honey: Queer Past from the Collections of the Society for Queer Memory
The stories that make up Czech LGBT+ history are a remarkable mix of the extraordinary and the mundane, the tragic and the comic, the heroic and the vile. The exhibition will present a selection from the collections of the Society for Queer Memory as well as original photographs by Lukáš Houdek.

The Art of Loving Ourselves
Learn more about yourself through lollipops. It’s possible! This interactive installation by Jinxiao Zhou, a Chinese artist based in the Netherlands, will prove it.

Monday 7/8

Tuesday 8/8

Wednesday 9/8

Thursday 10/8

Friday 11/8

Saturday 12/8

Sunday 13/8