0 and 1 don’t discriminate – 42 Prague opens up the world of IT to everyone

PR article for 42 Prague, a partner of the Prague Pride festival

Imagine an IT school where your gender, sex, age, or background doesn’t matter. Everyone gets the same chance, it’s up to you and your determination. This is how we imagine the future of IT at 42 Prague. Did we mention that the study is completely free and you choose the intensity of the study yourself?

At 42 Prague, part of a network of more than 42 campuses worldwide, we break down the barriers that many people face every day. We firmly believe that talent knows no gender and that everyone, regardless of their background, can excel in IT. That’s why our 33 percent female student representation makes us one of the top three campuses in the 42-campus network in terms of gender parity. But of course, we don’t stop there. We are actively busting myths about gender roles and working to establish a level playing field. We believe that diversity can drive innovation.

At the core of 42 Prague is a unique educational model that challenges the traditional learning approach. Our campus operates without teachers or classes, instead relying on peer-to-peer learning and feedback. This model creates a strong sense of community and fosters collaboration among students. Similarly, partnerships play a crucial role in achieving our goals – we are proud of our involvement in the Pride Business Forum, and more recently, our participation in the Prague Pride Festival.

Join us in our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive society. Together, we can create a future where everyone feels valued and respected. 0 and 1 don’t discriminate – at 42 Prague, we open up the world of IT to everyone.