Pride Afterpiknik

by Deloitte

Forget garlic soup and other miracle cures for hangovers, after the Saturday night party we’ll put you back on your feet with our rainbow picnic menu. Meet up with friends, eat and relax. Sweet and savory food, non-alcoholic and, for the daring, alcoholic drinks. Enjoy the last day of Pride before we say goodbye for another year. At noon, you’ll get to play your own tunes on the interactive jukebox, but afterwards, amazing DJs and other interprets will take over the tunes.

You can also enjoy the stand of the organizations Give me a room and Artmap Bookstore.

The Sunday afternoon picnic and evening in the Village is hosted by Jan Witek.

VINIUM is a live electronic duo based in Prague, consisting of Roksan Mandel and Colibris. Their performances merge ethereal melodies, rhythms, and live looping. Roksan’s synth skills and vocals intertwine with Colibris’ beats and impressive drumming skills, creating a dynamic experience. With a penchant for improvisation, VINIUM pushes the boundaries of electronic music, captivating audiences with their innovative sound and engaging stage presence. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure as VINIUM takes you on a mesmerizing journey through their immersive soundscapes.

Locked at home during the COVID period, Theo; a professional dancer from the Czech National Ballet, and Jesse; an active member of the Prague scene for quite some time, spent their spare time playing video games and digging through music and mixing. It didn’t take long until they felt comfortable playing together. This year they launched Soft Limits, a creative music and event collective with their friend DJ/producer Feenicks, aiming to offer a safe place for the queer community by supporting LGBTQ+ artists. Expect high energy beats mixed in different genres including some occasional electro classics.

S.N.R.I. is a transmedia artist from Prague. First, she started using a medium of sound in her performance works and this passion for music emerged into DJ career. She seamlessly blends different genres and beats in her sets, their sound has two vectors. First is dark, mystical and full of raw feelings – herself she labels it as “techno black metal” or “moon music.” The second is angelic, hyper and sunny – she chooses one of these dynamics due to the occasion. For her; the most important is connecting to the audience, creating a special atmosphere for sharing emotions and music no one else dares to play.

Pink Concrete
Pink Concrete describes himself as someone who ‘does pink touches to concrete music.’ This can be seen in his production and his style of mixing, as he is not afraid to add something light-hearted to techno music, which is a genre often understood as being quite serious. However, he still tends to travel through a range of emotions; there’s always a hint of melancholia in his sets. Originally from Istanbul, his interest in music began in high school, where he began his education in production and mixing. In 2015 he moved to Prague, where he has stayed ever since. The underground electronic music scene in Prague is full of life and creativity, and his contributions include a small underground party series called Kave from 2020-2021, a club night series called Anormal alongside Monoloc from 2020-2022, and most recently hereandthere, which curates overnight happenings through sound, light, and space in temporary, one night locations. He also hosts club nights in Ankali called Pinkies.

Entrance fee – free

Event accessibility – suitable also for teenagers, accessible with a dog, barrier- free

Vibe check – large capacity event (more than 200 people, high possibility of physical contact), loud, seating options, outdoors

OrganizerPrague Pride
We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that puts people and human dignity first. Our core values are respect and diversity. We believe in democracy and the rule of law based on respect for human rights. Our mission is creating a respectful and safe environment where LGBT+ people can be themselves.

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