Pride Village

In the lovely setting of Střelecký Island, there’s always something going on during the festival. On a lazy summer afternoon, you can watch the stage program, join activities on the lawn, play a ball game with friends on the field, or just chill in the shade under the trees by the river. It’s up to you whether you enjoy a nicely chilled beer, coffee made just the way you like it, or get lost in the sparkles of a limited edition pink Pride gin. If you arrive at the Village in the evening, the island comes alive, transforming into a vibrant space full of rhythms, fun, and fleeting encounters. At 10 PM, the Village must quiet down due to nighttime noise regulations, but the action moves to Pride Club on the south side of the island.

Each Day in Pride Village Has Its Own Theme

Monday evening – The grand opening of rainbow week
Tuesday – the Village belongs to kids during the day and drag at night
Wednesday – focus on sports and beats by Let It Roll
Thursday – new addition – queer podcasts in a special Pride edition!
Friday – mini-Saturday with picnics and dancing
Sunday – we return to the Village to recharge with a big final picnic, accompanied by acoustic bands

Pride Village Opening Hours:

Monday 5/818:00-22:00
Tuesday 6/8 – Friday 9/815:00-22:00
Saturday 10/8We’ll all be in the parade and on Letná
Sunday 11/812:00-21:00

Throughout the week, there will be a sports equipment rental and field, as well as traditional free anonymous testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections provided by the Czech AIDS Help Society.

The tip of the island with a view of Charles Bridge will host an info and sensation market, where you can learn about beneficial projects by nonprofits or just have fun. Come find out about the groundbreaking Constitutional Court ruling on ending castrations of trans people, what life is like for queer seniors, how to fight hate crimes, or how to ensure consent. From the Logos booth, you can take home a rainbow rosary, and the Jsme fér counseling booth will explain what the recently approved “partnership” means for same-sex couples and their children.

Get into the Prague Pride vibes with irresistible festival merch. Don’t wander around the island unnecessarily – head straight to the Queershop booth.

Feeling hungry by the water? The Village will have food options to satisfy real hunger and cravings. Look forward to street food, ice cream, prosecco, Proud beer, and Absolut vodka.

Pride Village welcomes everyone from zero to a hundred years old. For the littlest ones and their parents, we’ve improved the facilities. You’ll find a changing table, a supply of baby wipes, and a microwave for heating snacks to make your visit as smooth as possible.

If an accident or other unpleasant situation occurs, the medical team based backstage will assist you.

And if it all gets a bit too much, find refuge in Pride HideOUT. It’s a zone of calm, quiet, and cushions where you can catch your breath. You’ll find earplugs and the option to have a chat with a crisis counselor who can help you get back to feeling your best.

Střelecký Island is accessible by elevator. An accessible toilet is located in the public restroom in the bridge pillar. Pets are allowed.