Pride Village

Monday 8/8 (Festival opening)18:00–22:00
Tuesday 9/8 to Friday 12/815:00–22:00
Saturday 13/8closed
Sunday 14/812:00–21:00

It just wouldn’t be the right summer without the festival village on Strelecky Island. Here you will find performances, concerts, DJs, chill-out zones, sports, refreshment stands, workshops, picnics, information stands of various organizations and rental of blankets, games and sports equipment… But above all, great company, summer comfort and freedom! In short, the Střelák is the heart of the entire festival.

Pride Village is a place you can visit almost during the entire festival. At one end you’ll find a stage with various music and other performances, in the middle there are booths with refreshments or official festival merchandise, then a large grassy area with trees that invites rolling and picnicking, and at the end of the island, at the so-called tip, booths of non-profits and other organizations.

You can com into the Village anytime. Except for Monday (Opening of the festival with a concert), admission is free. The Village is always open in the afternoon and evening, when it usually comes alive the most. The days in Pride Village have their themes.

Monday 8/8

Tuesday 9/8

Wednesday 10/8

Thursday 11/8

Friday 12/8

Sunday 14/8