Pride Village

Střelecký ostrov, Praha 1

One of the nicest festival locations is open practically for the entire time of the Pride, and except for the opening night, admission is free. This year there will be concerts, performances, workshops, picnics and the ever-popular non-profit market, and HIV testing will of course be available as well. We’ll also be queering traditions in a big way. We’ll make a rainbow carpet, do some rad embroidery and colorfully play with ceramics and glass.

The Village will be open every afternoon and evening, when it really comes alive. Each day in the Village is themed, so check out the full program and choose what interests you the most. There will be DJs, travesti and drag artists*, you’ll be able to borrow blankets, games, sports equipment and head to the middle of the island for some great relaxation on the grass. There will be stands with food and festival merch. Adults, teens and children are welcome. The island is barrier-free and you’re welcome to bring your dogs*.

Pride HideOUT
Spending the summer at Střelecký ostrov may be a dream, but sometimes you just need to take a nap. Stop by Pride HideOUT and take a break from all the noise and crowds. This space is a haven for anyone who needs a bit of peace, quiet, and calm. There will be pillows, blankets, and people to talk to if that’s what you need.

Monday 7/8 18:00–22:00
Tuesday 8/8 – Friday 11/815:00–22:00
Saturday 12/8closed
Sunday 13/812:00–21:00

You still don’t feel like going home after 22:00? Visit our Pride Club!

In the non-profit zone you will meet the following organizations: Amnesty International, Transparent, In IUSTITIA, We Are Fair, Animal Freedom, Logos and Život 90.

Monday 7/8

Tuesday 8/8

Wednesday 9/8

Thursday 10/8

Friday 11/8

Sunday 13/8