A little pogo for you

Grafika připomínající koláž z poštovních známek

“Little Pogo For You” is the title of the recently published correspondence from the estate of Mirek Kovářík by publishing house Adolescent.

Publishing house Adolescent has recently published the correspondence from the estate of the reciter, theatre performer, cultural publicist and moderator Mirek Kovářík (1934–2020) titled “Little Pogo for You”. These are the letters written at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s and addressed to the then emerging poet Svatava Antošová. Reading through them, we can see how their relationship transformed and deepened – from the first respectful treading around a few of the author’s texts that Mirek got his hands on at the time, through her debut publication of Tunění in Mladá Fronta edition, participation in the Green Feathers almanac, joint recitation performances on various stages, to the formation of a lasting friendship that lasted until 2020, when Mirek Kovářík died. Another interesting aspect is undoubtedly the one that reveals Mirek’s world view, especially the social transformation that shaped the early 1990s, and some of the personalities of public and artistic life at that time.


  • Svatava Antošová
  • Jana Koubková
  • Jiří Staněk
  • Aleš Kauer

Organizer: Aleš Kauer