The Colours of Love

Exhibition lasts until 3. 9. 2022

Collection of portraits made by the artist Aide Alcocer (aiDEa), a Mexican photo-designer based in Prague.

The choice of who you love, which gender you identify with or to which you want to belong to is a fundamental part of the human rights. This exhibition reflects these rights and the intervention of the images is a personal way to prove it. It is a compilation of portraits made within the Gay Prague Pride 2016 -2019. The photographs have been digitally manipulated since they have been taken as a documentary photos and thanks to the intervention of the image the result is portraits, where there is a story to tell in each one of them. Opening with celebratory drink: 9. 8. at 18:30. Celebratory closing with a party and a suprise: 3. 9 from 18:30 to 23:00.

Organizer: Dorado Coffee

Czech-Colombian gay couple, David and Ami, opened their coffee shop and gallery Dorado Coffee only few months ago, but it has already become the centre of Latin American culture and gay life in Prague. Taste their specialty coffee, chocolate, cocktails, wine and beer, homemade desserts and relax in one of the comfortable hammocks in their lovely garden. In addition to hosting art exhibitions and photographs, they also organise concerts, screenings, workshops, birthday parties, etc.