Pride Café

Dorado Coffee, Betlémské náměstí 1, Praha 1 (in an area of Náprstkovo Museum)

David and Ami, a Czech-Colombian couple, opened their café and gallery Dorado Coffee only a year ago, but in that short time it has already become the center of Latin American culture and gay life in Prague. Throughout Pride Week, this is the place to relax at a tea party or get your go wild at a drag show, where you’ll be starring yourselves. The nice and cozy courtyard of Náprstek Museum will be open for anyone who wants to have a select coffee, cocktails or even wine in a comfortable hammock, and hide from the festival hubbub for a while. It’s also a great place for Czechs and foreigners to meet, as the program is expat friendly and most of the events are in English. You can bring your dog, but it must be on a leash. The area is wheelchair accessible.

Monday 7/8

Tuesday 8/8

Wednesday 9/8

Thursday 10/8

Friday 11/8

Saturday 12/8

Sunday 13/8