Vogue Talks – Pride Edition

Location: Pride House – big hall

Vogue CS discusses with LGBTQ+ expats, living in the CR and working in the creative industries, about life, work and relationship to fashion and art.


  • Saša Jány (SK) – modeling expert, director of the Elite Model Look competition for the CR and SK, co-owner of Elite Model Management agencies in the CR and SK.
  • Adam Pavlovčin, ADONXS (SK) – singer, songwriter, model and dancer
  • Alexandr Bel (RU) – artist, photographer and collage creator, Digital Visual Editor of Vogue CS
  • Matěj Moore (NZ/CZ) – model
  • Kurt van der Basch (CAN) – artist and illustrator
  • Korine Hilm (VEN) – golf coach


  • Andrea Běhounková – Editor in Chief of  Vogue CS


  • Miro Sabo – fashion designer and Jewellery and Accesstories Editor Vogue
  • Katarína Kubošiová – writer

Organizer: Vogue CS

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