Translation workshop

Location: Pride Life – Dřevák

Několik knih

How to translate LGBT+ terms from English to Czech, what is obsolete or inappropriate, how to avoid generic masculine or how to non-binary Czech?

The seminar is primarily focused on translating LGBT+ terms from English to Czech in literature, but it is also open to anyone interested in the topic of current LGBT+ sensitive terminology. We will focus on three areas: the basic principles of LGBT+ sensitive terminology and why we should address it in translation in the first place, queer slang and non-binary Czech. The second part will be practical, with the opportunity to try out translating sample texts, followed by a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions. There will be materials available to take or download, including the most common current LGBT+ terms, slang and a summary of the basic principles of LGBT+ sensitive language. The event is sponsored by the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild.

Hosted by:

“Jana Kunová – translator from English, editor, member of the Translators’ Guild. She mainly translates commercial fiction, from detective stories to young adult literature and fantasy. She is interested in queer topics and is active in raising awareness about the asexual spectrum.

Karel Pavlica – professional worker at Prague Pride Education, National Pedagogical Institute and the Faculty of Social Studies at University of Ostrava, author and editor of articles and publications on gender, sexual and relationship diversity, among others”

Organizer: Czech Literary Translators’ Guild

Czech Literary Translators’ Guild associates translators of high literature, theoreticians, critics and historians specializing in translation. Its mission is to defend the rights and promote professional interests of its members and to ensure the level and prestige of translation in Czech literature.