TikTok Make-up Workshop

Location: Pride Life – Dřevák

NOT SO FUNNY ANY is a fantastic MUA, Dima is a talented drag queen. How’s this gonna work out? Oh, great!

A small workshop by popular creators NOT SO FUNNY ANY and Dima.Arrest will teach you how to be a Drag too, even if just for a while. Both will showcase their skills, share secret tips and let you in on the ins and outs of queer make up. 

Drag is more than gender play; it’s a way of self-expression and an art that dates back to the 19th century when male actors would put on petticoats to play female roles in the theatre, and it was said that “they putting on their drag”. Become the most stunning, beautiful and fanciful image of your imagination and combine all your inspirations into one physical form. And remember, more is more.

Organizer: TikTok