Support group for trans* and nonbinary people

We will create a safe space for sharing our experience.

Are you questioning your gender identity? Are you not sure about it? Are you looking for ways how to start a transition. Or you just want to meet other people who are like you? Support groups organized by Trans*parent are a safe space for sharing our experience, where nobody is judged, where everyone can be just themselves. They take part once or twice a month as a zoom call or in person in Prague and also once a year as a part of the Prague Pride festival. They are led by a trained facilitators and in Czech language only. Let’s share our stories together!

Organizer: Trans•parent

We strive for the empowerment, social justice, promotion of rights and positive social changes for the benefit of trans men, women and other non-cis persons. The organisation was founded in Prague in the spring of 2015 by a group of trans activists in response to the urgent need to create a support space and change policies to promote the advancement of transgender equality.