Speed dating for lesbians 26–35 years

A unique way to meet up to 11 interesting women in 1 hour.

Speed dating is a unique way how to meet up to 11 other women. During 4 minutes long date. How it all work out? Attendet gets mark and recording card, people gets match by pair and after sound sign the date starts. After 4 minutes sound signal the date ends and new pair is created till all people gets their date. When all dates are over, we collect the recording card and check the matches. Matchted people gets the contacts of matched people via SMS.

Are you fed up of online meeting people? Come and meet people offline. Register via the form.


See you. Lesbotoč.

Organizer: Lesbian-go-round

We are 3 women from different parts of the Czech Republic and we organize various events for lesbians such as Speed dating, a book club, bowling, board games and more.