Rainbow Parade

Lidé v duhovém průvodu

The Saturday parade is the culmination of the entire Prague Pride week which we have been looking forward to over the past three years due to the pandemic break. Queer people and their allies will go out to the streets to enjoy a day of love and respect for being different. This is the day when each and every one of us can drop the pretense and be who we truly feel we are!

There will be stage on Wenceslas Square . So come in time

We’ll meet at 11:30 am in the lower part of Wenceslas Square. During the arranging and lining up DJ Jan Witek will play from a stage on the square. He will also take the role of a host and give you all the important info about the parade. We will be setting off around 1 pm.

You will also be able to visit our stands and make your own last-minute banner for the parade, sign a petition for marriage for all, get your make-up done at the make-up booth and get free soft drinks from our main partner Coca Cola.

Parade route

We’ll pass through Na Příkopě Street, turn into Celetná Street on Republic Square (náměstí Republiky) and then go all the way to Old Town Square. We’ll continue through Pařížská Street, over the Čechův Bridge and up the stairs to Letná Park and onto the plain. That’s where Pride Park will be – 6 stages with a music program, lots of stands with not only food and drinks, and an unforgettable atmosphere up until 10 pm.

Her Majesty Cuntessa Garbage will hover over your heads like a guardian angel at the Powder Gate, making your blood pump and introducing the composition of the parade in her own way. No sinner will escape her eagle eye from the crane, so you better watch out. If you don’t have fun, you’ll face the wrath of Cuntessa! BEWARE: She’s got confetti and she’s not afraid to use it. Eco, of course. 😉

Sustainability and safety first

Environmental responsibility and the safety of our visitors is vital to us, which is why the parade will be car-free this year. This way we can enjoy a unique route leading right through the historical center of Prague. Fun is guaranteed even without vehicles. You can look forward to a party, music and a show just as you remember it from previous years!

Balcony with view and bus to Letná (accessibility)

Since we don’t have cars in the parade and our route goes through the historic center, we are not allowed to have the train, which in past years could be used by seniors or families with small children. But we have found a solution. We have arranged access to the balcony of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University for people who could not walk the whole route. They will have a great view of the whole procession from there and will not miss our proud atmosphere. You can access the balcony from 13:00 to 14:30.

How to get to the balcony: enter the building through the main entrance. In the atrium, go up the stairs and back above the main entrance, where you will find the door to the balcony. You can go on either the right or left side. The place is also accessible by elevator. Everything is marked with signs.

Tip for people in wheelchairs: The balcony has a relatively high railing. You can’t see over it when you’re sitting down. Wheelchair users are advised to stay on the raised platform before entering the building.

On the last part of the route, over the Čechův Most bridge, the people using the balcony can join us and then us a bus to get them up the hill to Pride Park (Letná). A wheelchair accessible bus will be parked under the stairs to Letná for those with reduced mobility. You will find the bus stop behind the bridge on the left. The bus will drop you off at Špejchar, from where you can get to Pride Park without any hills or stairs on the way.

Řazení registrovaných skupin v průvodu

Of course, anyone can join the Prague Pride parade. However, below you find a list of large groups (festival partners, non-profit organizations, companies, etc.) that have signed up for our call in advance. These groups will serve to better orient you in the parade, and each of the numbers 1-16 will be accompanied by an organized musical production. The order of the outside groups in the parade was drawn by lot.

2Help Ukraine
2AS barvou ven
3Jsme fér
3ATik Tok
3CMama Shelter
3DŠkoda auto
4Ara Art
4ANěmecké velvyslanectví v Praze
4BVelvyslanectví USA v Praze
4CBritish Council
5Milion chvilek pro demokracii
5AArgentinské velvyslanecví
6Fuck cancer
6AQTY / Transparent
7Silk & Steel
8Artivist lab
8AČlověk v tísni
9Prague Bears
9BQueer liberation instead of rainbow capitalism
9CCharlie, z.s.
10MSD Czech republic
11Brno Pride Week
11AStrana Zelených
11BČeská Pirátská Strana
11CHnutí Starostové a Nezávislí
11DVolt Czechia & Pulse for Europe
12Johnson & Johnson
12ASvaz průmyslu a dopravy ČR
13Techno 4 Pride
14Feminist Anti-War Resistace
14ABlok proti pinkwashingu a kapitalismu
16Exxon Mobil

Václavské náměstí