Queer salon of Haná vol 5. – opening and talkshow

Opening ceremony of the queer art exhibition hosted by Ollove and talkshow.

This year Ollove hosts 5th exhibition of queer art by Olomouc (previously) based artists. While the exhibition itself brings back the artwork by artist from past four years, Ollove celebrates 10 jubilee of queer activism in Olomouc. For this occasion a special talkshow will be host with founding members as guests. The talkshow commemorates a decade of queer activism in Moravia, especially in Haná region during past decade. The forms of activism would be discuss from point of view of various personalities.

Host: Ondřej Moučka, a current chairperson, an artist and a volunteer

Organizer: Ollove z. s.

Ollove is a NGO, group of volunteers dedicated to spread awarness and queer visibility