Pride Talk: Austria

Location: Pride House – big hall

A series of main debates at this year’s festival focusing on the lives and rights of LGBTQ+ people in neighbouring countries.

Austria has approved marriage for all by a decision of the Constitutional Court. Could “forcing” equality in such a way work? How is it possible that LGBTQ+ rights aren’t controversial in such a staunchly Catholic country? What makes it more tolerant as opposed to Poland, for example? How does queer activism work there and what are its specifics? Learn all about it and much more at a discussion with Berni Ledinski, an Austrian activist, member of Queer Amnesty and long-time drag artist. Ronja Ziesel, a non-binary activist with extensive experience, who defends the rights of lesbians and intersex people, will also be one of the guests of the discussion.


  • Berni Ledinski, member of Queer Amnesty and long time drag artist
  • Ronja Zjesel, lesbian intersex activist, TEDtalk
  • Anna Ballreich, moderator

Pořadatel: Prague Pride

The debate is held with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.

Ministry of Culture