Pleasure does (not) belong to sex education

Cedule s nápisem Let¨s talk SEX

We will debate how to change the sex education so that we do not only deal with STD’s and contraception, but also have more orgasms.

What did your parents tell you about sex and what did you learn about it at school? What was the reality for you then? If you feel that sex education also includes information that sex is a pleasant activity and includes the consent of all involved, then you are right with us. We will debate how to properly change the curriculum of sex education so that we not only deal with sexually transmitted diseases and contraception, but also have more orgasms, joy and love. P.S .: It pays off for the whole society and for the protection of public health.

The workshop is hostet by Ludmila Hamplová (journalist) Guest of the debate:

  • Johanna Nejedlová, founder and executive director of the Konsent, z.s.
  • RNDr. Michal Pitoňák, Ph.D., researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and chairman of the Queer Geography, z.s.
  • Filip Štojdl, Bishop of the Pilsen Diocese of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church
  • Jan Vojtko, psychotherapist (in negotiation, not yet confirmed)
  • MUDr. Milan Zlámal, doctor at the HIV center of the Central Military Hospital in Prague (in negotiation, not yet confirmed)