Minority stress and LGBT+ people in Czechia

Location: Pride Life – Divadlo U Valšů

Come and learn about the results of our three year project which helped us see what influences the well-being and health of LGBT+ people.

Minority stress stemming from the heteronormative systemic stigmatisation of LGBT+ people in society has been identified by much research over the previous decades as a key factor negatively affecting the mental health and quality of life of LGBT+ people. This presentation will focus on several key areas including the impact of discrimination on psychological problems and highlighting the increased suicidality within particular subgroups of LGBT+ people. Come along and find out more about the results of our project. You will also have the opportunity to have your photo taken with the large-scale thematic illustrations we have produced for the occasion. The event is for everyone who is interested in mental health and well-being of LGBT+ people.

Host: Michal Pitoňák, researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health, chairman and founder of Queer Geography

Organizer: Queer Geography, z. s., National Institute of Mental Health

Queer Geography (QG) is a science and popularization association with the aim of raising people’s awareness of the sexual and gender diversity of people living in our society.

The National Institute of Mental Health is conceived as a centre of basic, experimental and applied research.