Mezipatra QFF: Girl Picture

Tři smějící se dívky

One is looking for love, the other for a G-spot and the last for a triple Lutz. Three girls, three different goals and many obstacles along the way.

Three girls, three different goals, and many obstacles along the way. Mimmi and Rönkkö are best friends who share everything. Rönkkö is trying to figure out why everyone talks about sex, Mimmi is having some troubles with a figure skater. The film is a warm ride through the worries and pains of an age when none of the girls has any idea about what to do with their lives.

(Alli Haapasalo, Finsko, 2022, 101 min.)

Organizer: Mezipatra

Mezipatra is the largest queer film festival in Eastern and Central Europe.