Cross-generational international queer picnic with ŽIVOT 90

A picnic for all queer expats in the ČR and others who want to have a bite to eat and meet new people regardless of their age or mother tongue.

On Tuesday we look forward to seeing you in the garden of the Community Center ŽIVOTa 90 for a picnic for all queer expats in the Czech Republic! We will have fun, we will laught and, of course, we will eat. In addition, we will get to know each other during speedfriending and choose the best sandwich of all! Do you have a favourite sandwich for summer picnics? Bring it to us to taste and you might just win!

Organizer: ŽIVOT 90

ŽIVOT 90 is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the topic of old age and aging in the Czech Republic for more than 30 years and supports people so that they can dare to live life as they wish even in old age.