Climate Game on!

Come to play the board games. It is fun! You can also attend the adventure climate game located on the island. Get your reward after completing tasks.

Do you like board games? Then you definitely can’t miss our game stand on Střelecký ostrov. You will have an exclusive opportunity to play and get the new Terra Futura board game from the Albi. You can play also other fun games with us. In addition to board games, a special climate treasure hunt is waiting for you. Look for places all over the island and after completing the tasks, get a clue leading to the treasure. Along the way, you will learn what the Sustainable Development Goals are and what we can do to save our planet from climate breakdown.

Organizer: Na mysli

“Na mysli is a non-profit organization dealing with global issues sustainability, development education, climate change and related environmental aspects. It organizes the “”Earth on a Plate”” documentary film festival and is involved in the international educational project Game of Climate, which aims to raise awareness of climate change, its impact on ecosystems and the impact of these effects on lives. inhabitants of this planet.”