Caused by nature: Opening

Opening of the exhibition “Caused by Nature” by Luxembourg photographer Pit Reding.

Pit Reding (LU) captures and explores queer themes and their representation through his photography, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community in and around Luxembourg. His project “Naturally” focuses on the diversity of queer couples. Through starkly lit images, he confronts the viewer with the fact that queer relationships can take on different shapes and forms. His stance captures the sense of strength that comes from looking beyond heteronormative standards. By placing each couple in a different outdoor setting, the artist expresses his belief that LGBTQIA+ relationships are something uniquely natural, something that refers back to ancient civilizations and nature. The artist’s set becomes a safe space where everyone can leave their protective shell and be themselves without feeling ashamed. The bright light that illuminates each of the photographs throughout the series portrays the magical value of love itself. It is not only the love that binds people in relationships, but also the love we feel for ourselves when we accept our gender identity and sexuality. In this sense, the artist promotes the self-awareness of LGBTQIA+ people by capturing their being alone and as a couple. For many years, media portrayals of LGBTQIA+ people have played an essential role in building the stereotype that queer relationships always end tragically. In response to this, Pit wants to establish a much more positive image of queer couples and therefore seeks to show LGBTQIA+ people through the power of its dramatic portrayals that they can live in happy and healthy relationships. It’s not about capturing beauty in itself: rather, it’s a commitment to documenting the relationships of people who deserve to be heard and seen. As he puts it: if I had seen more happy queer people in art, movies, or TV shows as a kid, I probably would have been less ashamed and my coming out would have come sooner.” (text: Jil Kugener)

Guest: Pit Reding, born in 1996, is a photographer living in Luxembourg. After his education at Lycée des Arts et Métiers (Arts and Visual Communication), he started working as a graphic designer. He quickly realised his passions lay elsewhere, as his interest in photography started to grow stronger. Photography gave Pit the means to capture moments he found significant to share. After a few years, he decided to make his passion his job and in 2020, amidst the sanitary crisis, he opened his own creative studio. Not having an academic background in photography gave Pit the opportunity to discover his very own way of working, without boundaries. His style often gets described as bold and colourful, but very intimate at the same time. He manages to capture the person in front of the lens in a mixture of fashion and dramatic scenery, while showing each individual character in his photos. He strives to include many people from the LGBTQIA+ community. His goal is to provide a platform for as many people as possible, regardless their background.

Organizer: Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Diplomatic representation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Czech Republic