Absolutely unnaceptable! part II

The premiere of a dance performance about the searching of not only sexual identity. The issue of LGBTQ+ community is here introduced through the eyes of those, who don’t belong to this community and who make up the majority of the creator team.

“How do I create my image so that the outer meets the inner? Do I wear a skirt or pants? It seems so simple. What I’m wearing on me, I’m wearing inside. Some people search for their image more, others less, but basically everyone experiences at least once in their life a moment when they need to find their true identity and express it. To give it shape. Specific. What else is life about but the search for the true self? Why don’t patterns, traditions, ideals suddenly work? I want to go out on the street and be myself. Are there any limits?”

The creation of the production was preceded by in-depth interviews with representatives of (not only) the LGBTQ+ community. The performance is based on newly discovered principles of dance dramaturgy in collaboration between two creative teams – Pulsar and SPOLK. The project was created as part of the international project “Innovation and Art: the path to inclusion of LGBTQ+ people” under the auspices of Erasmus+ (2021-2022) in collaboration with Prague Pride.

  • Project concept: Honza Malík, Tereza Krčálová
  • Dance dramaturgy: Tereza Krčálová
  • Original music by Ondřej Galuška
  • Choreography and interpretation by SPOLK – Kateřina Jabůrková/Simona Dejmková, Adam Kmenta, David Králík,
  • Žaneta Musilová, Ester Trčková
  • Costumes: Terezie Dvořáková
  • Lighting by Lukáš Benda
  • Production assistant: Simona Dejmková
  • Curator, realization and production of the project: Honza Malík & Pulsar z. s.
  • Co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme
  • Supported by: Prague Pride z. s., MKCR, TANEC PRAHA/PONEC-theatre for dance, Studio TEP39, Balada SITE

Organizer: PULSAR

Pulsar is a platform for the realization of contemporary dance works. In the work, it is engaged in the search for dance expression in connection with socio-historical themes (Celebration – 100 years of Czech statehood, Generation X – 30 years since 1989, The End of Turnabout – the question a common Europe). It creates a background for broader creative work with associated activities such as artistic meetings Catch Reality!1-6, conferences 30 years of dance and The Role of the Artist Today….