A Picnic with Charlie

CHARLIE, queer association of Charles University invites you to a picnik on Střelecký island. Take a blanket and some snacks!

Love has many forms. But they all have one thing in common, whether it is filia, erós, storgé, or agapé. What is it? It goes through the stomach! There’s nothing like sharing a good meal. What’s more, the August weather directly encourages us to enjoy not only time together, but also a bite to eat in the fresh air. Thats why Charlie, the queer association of Charles University is planning to dust off their blankets and have a picnic. In addition to refreshments, small social games are planned (with voluntary participation, of course). The goal is to enjoy the afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere and an LGBTQ+ friendly environment. Join us on August 9th on Střelecký Island, starting at 3pm. Everyone´s welcome. Just bring a blanket, some food and drink to share with others, and a good mood 😉

Organizer: Charlie, z.s.

We are a student society with the aim of creating a community space for LGBTQIA+ people by organising public events of various types not only at universities.