04.08.2021 15:00
04.08.2021 18:00
Pleshka-Birobidzhan – an exhibition by artist Yevgeniy Fiks
Artivist Lab , Hybernská 4, Praha 1
Czech, English
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The “Pleshka-Birobidzhan” exhibition unites identity, fiction and history in an artistic installation, and creates the story of a group of Soviet homosexuals who travelled from Moscow to Birobidzhan in 1934. This story took place shortly after homosexuality was recriminalised in the Soviet Union and after the Soviet Jewish autonomous area was founded; Birobidzhan became its capital.

In a drawing called “Map of Birobidzhan”, Fiks maps the Jewish autonomous area and substitutes the names of historical leftwing queer icons, such as Angela Davis, Harry Hay and Bayard Rustin, for the names of towns and villages. The installation also includes street signs from the streets, boulevards and squares of an imaginary, utopian autonomous area for gays and lesbians. These places bear the names of figures from Soviet and post-Soviet queer history, such as Yevgeny Kharitonov, Igor Kon and Roman Kalinin.

Yevgeniy Fiks

Born in Moscow in 1972, Fiks has lived and worked in New York since 1994. His works have been exhibited internationally. Fiks created many projects on the subject of the post-Soviet dialogue in the West, including:

  • Lenin for your library?, in which Vladimir Ilyich Lenin sent the text Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism to a hundred global corporations as a gift for their corporate libraries;
  • Communist Party USA, a series of portraits of current members of the Communist Party in the USA, painted at the party's national headquarters in New York;
  • Communist Guide to New York City, a series of photographs of buildings and public places in New York associated with the history of the American Communist movement.

The preview, at which Yevgeniy Fiks himself will be present, is hosted by Tamara Moyzes, the Slovak artist, curator and documentary-maker who lives and works in Prague. She uses art as a tool for mobilising society.

The Artivist_Lab focuses on political art, artivism and the media, but also on current social issues. It supports and exhibits Czech and international artists whose activities make it difficult for them to exhibit in their home countries (Artist in Need). It also creates a space for art students and curators who work on social issues. The main idea behind the gallery is to connect people active across multiple disciplines who respond to social, societal and political issues.

The Artivist_Lab Gallery is located on the premises of Kampus Hybernská in Prague 1. Kampus Hybernská, a social project by Prague City Hall and Charles University, aims to bring together the general public, Prague cultural projects and the university’s activities.


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