04.08.2021 15:00
04.08.2021 16:30
Providing Proper Care – workshop
Pride Life, Život 90, Karoliny Světlé 286/ 18, Praha 1, Dřevák
Czech, English
free entry

This workshop follows on from the Coming Out for Older People lecture and is aimed at social workers and people working in social services. It will be led by Dieter Schmidt, an expert from the Berlin-based organisation Schwulenberatung.

The lecture will take place in the Dřevák Room at the Life 90headquarters.

Due to the anti-pandemic measures, the capacity of the room is limited. Make sure you get a place by registrating in advance. Thank you.

ŽIVOT 90 (LIFE 90) – our aim is to support older people to remain independent. We want them to be as independent as possible in their everyday responsibilities, to continue to be guided by their own judgement and to make their own decisions, and to keep up their social lives. We are companions for senior citizens who, when they are in good physical condition, have plenty of ideas and want to put them into practice. We are also there for them when their physical and mental powers let them down, and we support those who care for them.


COVID-19: To enter this event, you must abide by the following rules. If you don’t stick to them, we unfortunatelly cannot let you in.

  • Wear a respirator/nano face mask.
  • At the door, produce one of the following:
    • negative antigenic test from an official testing site (home-test and a statutory declaration is not sufficient) max. 72 hours old, or
    • negative PCR test 7 days old, or
    • certificate of full vaccination, i. e. 14 days after the last shot of the vaccine
    • certificate on suffering covid-19 in the last 180 days.

To make Pride safe for you, we follow the government measures and the recommendations from the City Health Station. Thank you for helping us too.