07.08.2021 12:00
07.08.2021 22:00
Rainbow Pride Piknik
Pride Village, Střelecký ostrov, Praha 1
Czech, English
free entry
Look forward to the festival Saturday spent on an island with loads of food, drinks and banging program. Meet your friends, have something to eat and relax. We have sweets, we have savoury, we have both soft and alcoholic drinks. All accompanied by the tunes from DJs Jeffology and Cou, and DJ Casmeer. And if you shall feel restless, you can join the dancers form the House Of Nora.

12:00 DJ´s Jeffology and Cou

They have been organizing a famous party for dnacers called Blackalicious Party. At Prague Pride, they will play for you a mix of house and disco tunes.

16:00 – 19:00 Nora Waacking Inferno

If you were to the last year’s Nora Waacking Inferno, there’s no need to introduce it to you again. A party which carries you back to the atmosphere of the underground clubs of the 70’s Los Angeles. From 16.00 to 19.00 a show of hot AF outfits takes a place. Look forward to the bestest disco and indescribable euphoria. The dancers of Imperial House of Waacking Czech Chapter want to tell you one thing: “We wanna see all our bitchez on the dancefloor! And dress your best – whatever it means.”

I.H.O.W. Czech, also known as House Of Nora.

Watch the video – this is what the performance looked like during the last year’s Prague Pride.
PHOTO: Kamila Fröhlichová

19:00 – 21:00 Planeta Nova DJs

The warm gay summer evening will get moving with cheesy Eurodance bops and lustful slow numbers. Chill and listen, have a dance or Cuba Libre and enjoy the Prague DJ duo with their blissfully tacky playlists thriving on the worst from the 90’s.

21:00 – 22:00 Lil Autotune

Non-binary artist, DJ, performer, and a cunt baddie. Takes interest in self-expression, weather it’s gender, design, clothes styling, digital art, painting, video or photography. Everything is a statement of being. Lil Autotune works with the concept of world view perceived through the lens of queer perspective and lives an authentic life.

Are you coming? Let your friends and us know via the Facebook event Picnic with Nora Waacking Inferno.

COVID-19: To enter this event, you must abide by the following rules. If you don’t stick to them, we unfortunatelly cannot let you in.

  • Wear a respirator/nano face mask.
  • At the door, produce one of the following:
    • negative antigenic test from an official testing site (home-test and a statutory declaration is not sufficient) max. 72 hours old, or
    • negative PCR test 7 days old, or
    • certificate of full vaccination, i. e. 14 days after the last shot of the vaccine
    • certificate on suffering covid-19 in the last 180 days.

To make Pride safe for you, we follow the government measures and the recommendations from the City Health Station. Thank you for helping us too.