03.08.2021 16:00
03.08.2021 22:00
Picnic with Charlie Association
Pride Village, Střelecký ostrov, Praha 1
Czech, English
free entry

Do you want to have a picnic with young queer people and thus make your afternoon more pleasant by? Are you interested in learning how LGBT+ university students are doing? How they spend their free time, what are they interested in and what do they like to talk about? You are invited to join the discussion or just stay quiet and listen to what others say at a traditional picnic thrown by Charlie, the LGBT Association of the Charles University. If you want to, bring something small to eat or something to drink and don't forget to pack a blanket.

You don't know what to expect? Take a look at the photo gallery from our meeting last year. We had a great time!

The Charlie Association offers students and academics from the Charles University and other universities, as well as their friends and supporters, a platform for self-realization, meeting, fun and solving common problems. Charlie focuses primarily on gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual and transgender individuals and their right not to be discriminated on the basis of emotional and sexual orientation/identification. The mission of the Charlie Association is to improve through mutual respect and acceptance of diversity the quality of life not only of this group but of the entire academic community and society.


COVID-19: To enter this event, you must abide by the following rules. If you don’t stick to them, we unfortunatelly cannot let you in.

  • Wear a respirator/nano face mask.
  • At the door, produce one of the following:
    • negative antigenic test from an official testing site (home-test and a statutory declaration is not sufficient) max. 72 hours old, or
    • negative PCR test 7 days old, or
    • certificate of full vaccination, i. e. 14 days after the last shot of the vaccine
    • certificate on suffering covid-19 in the last 180 days.

To make Pride safe for you, we follow the government measures and the recommendations from the City Health Station. Thank you for helping us too.